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Stalk (Hotblooded Book 1)

by Victoria Danann on 2018-10-24


"Oh My was awesome! My heart is still beating so fast!"

GET YOUR COPY TODAY and find out why readers are saying STALK is exciting, compelling, scary, sexy and intense!

" you into another spell binding world of action, wonder, romance and unequivocal delight!!"

How can a book be all those things and funny, too? It's Victoria Danann, New York Times and USA Today bestseller, eight times Amazon #1 bestselling author in paranormal fantasy romance.

The first coming of chaos. Twelve thousand years ago, members of a more advanced race crossed into our dimension when the barriers temporarily collapsed. Trapped in our world, the aliens, who were also shifters, built structures that eventually caused the great flood and the sinking of Atlantis. Some of the alien DNA survived in progeny that carried an untraceable shifter gene, dormant until awakened by mating with a full blooded werewolf.

Seven alien wolf shifters trapped in our dimension find each other and form a pack. They think their biggest problem is the absence of females, right up until they become the focus of a gentlemen's hunting club.

"STALK was a breath of fresh air. Intrigue, mayhem, & love all rolled up in a captivating story."


by Victoria Danann on 2018-03-05

CARNAL, Book One

Carnal is a force to be reckoned with. - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, introduces a groundbreaking paranormal romance series about a genetically altered new species. They’re heart-stopping beautiful to look at, but also bigger, faster, stronger and psychically enhanced.

"I adore Carnal, a true bad boy hero if ever one was written." - The Paranormal Romantic Fanatic

"Fans of Laurann Dohner and Lora Leigh love the bad, bad boys of EXILED!" -the Fanatical Paranormal Romantic

CRAVE, Book Two

One of Danann's most satisfying HEAs to date. GUARANTEED!

Crave is a real showstopper! - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK

"Sometimes the second book in a series doesn't live up to the first. This one is at the least on the same amazing level." - Read To Live, Live To Read



CHARMING, Book Three

“…a more perfect ending to a series could not exist.” - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK

A stray girl.

A string of murders.

A potential race war between humans and hybrids.

"Prepare to be CHARMED!" - The Paranormal Romantic Fanatic

Finngarick (Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 2)

by Victoria Danann on 2017-09-29

  • Ex Z Team knight, Torn Finngarick, put the bad in bad boy.

  • Now he's been transferred to D.I.T. in Dublin to work with paranormal police. 

  • He's spent his whole life running from inner demons, but a beautiful hunter, assigned as his partner, brings him to a full stop.
From New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, called "Queen of Alpha Males" by Slashed Reads.

When Sir Torrent Finngarick arrives in Dublin, he's partnered with Sheridan O'Malley, one of a pair of elf twins who put the hot in hawt and the war in warrior.

Torn needs to get his mind off the stunning wild redhead because there's an interdimensional stream portal somewhere in the vicinity of Trinity College and Temple Bar. So far as they can tell, the portals have been causing havoc for centuries. Black Swan wants it found and monitored. If anything comes through, the Director wants to know about it. If anything goes through, he wants to know about it. He also wants his newly formed unit to run it down if necessary.

Find out why Black Swan has won best paranormal romance series the past four years in a row!


From the journal of Glendennon Catch, SOVEREIGN, Jefferson Unit, Order of the Black Swan 

When it came to my attention that D.I.T. was going to Dublin, I thought of Torn Finngarick. After all he knew the culture and could, perhaps, be useful. I confess to the ulterior motive of wanting to see all the floaters brought in from the cold. He was one of the remaining few. And everybody deserves another chance. Right?

As I mentioned earlier, my wife was working for Black Swan setting up a unit called Department of Interdimensional Trespass. It seemed that creatures coming and going at will were causing havoc that had, until recently, been unexplained, believed to be fiction of the myth or folklore variety, or dismissed as interplanetary visitations. Rosie was busy hiring and training people who were going to function as police.

Anyway, I had served with Sir Finngarick when I was first knighted as the fourth member of the infamous Z Team and came to know him quite well. Most believed he was irredeemable. I did not.

Simon Says (Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 1)

by Victoria Danann on 2017-08-24

Director Simon Tvelgar is haunted by love that was lost but never fades with time.

He thought she was gone forever, but what if...?

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, introduces a new Black Swan series with this enchanting novella that will grab you by the heartstrings.

Rosie Storm is about to get the chance to head up a new Black Swan unit, D.I.T. The Department of Interdimensional Trespass.

Twenty years ago Sir Simon was a vampire hunter. He took three month's bereavement leave to go wild camping in the far north of Scotland following the death of his team leader. He expected solitude and fresh air to clear his mind and heart. He did not expect to fall in love. While wild camping on the stark landscape of the Orkney Islands, she disappeared into the standing stones. She faded into nothingness, a look of panic frozen on her face. As she reached out and silently called his name, he lunged to grab her an instant too late.

Her memory has haunted him every hour since.

Simon channeled his sorrow and loneliness into work until he eventually rose to the most powerful position ever held by an ex Black Swan knight. With tireless dedication, he built a congregation of talented misfits, watching and waiting for the one who could find Sorcha.

Find out why Black Swan has won best paranormal romance series the past four years in a row!