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Arriving Soon


The Dark Queen (The Sidhe Book 3)

by Victoria E Tierney on 2018-08-27

With the veil finally down, newly pregnant Darcy hopes to spend time getting to know her Uncle Midir and Grandmother Morwenna more. But the UnSeelie are determined to ensure she’s brought in front of the Fae Council, so much so that they attempt to snatch her from Hellend Castle.
Bran wants nothing more than to keep Darcy and their child safe. With the growing realisation that the UnSeelie are determined to take Darcy regardless. He reluctantly agrees to send her back to The Henge to keep her safe.
While at The Henge Darcy continues to investigate the UnSeelie and Slaugh attacks on Bureau Vaults. She soon realises they are collecting certain treasures, that seem to be connected to the Seelie, Elves and Dragons.
Durrell is finally captured during a raid on the Henge, where Darcy kills his companion an Elf. With Durrell’s confession that Circe and The UnSeelie are working with the Elves, Bran feels it’s finally safe for Darcy to come home to Fae and finally deal with the UnSeelie.
Darcy returns to Fae hoping to stay but Midir returns with the Royal Elven Guard with the news that the Elven King has died and named Darcy his heir. Now the Queen of the Elves, Darcy must leave Fae once again this time to the Elven Lands. What she was hoping would be a quick trip to the funeral of her great grandfather soon turns into a longer trip to make a treaty with a Dragon. Meanwhile Bran and other Fae courts become under attack from the UnSeelie and Elven Armies. All is resting on Darcy meeting the Dragon and finding out who’s helping the UnSeelie and stopping the war that is threatening Fae and Humans.

*** Due to sexual content and violence this book is recommended for readers 18 years plus. ***