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Arriving Soon


Man, Made to Order

by Victoria Kinkade on 2018-11-23

It took an artificial man to show a lonely woman her true self.

Leah has devoted everything to her career only to find that success feels empty without someone to share it. When she gets a message advertising a sophisticated artificial human companion designed for intimate situations, she's intrigued. Not that she thinks of it as a long-term solution, but loneliness drives her curiosity. After all, satisfaction is guaranteed.

When he arrives he’s so much more than she anticipated. She could never have never imagined that an artificial man would be the one to show her what is important in life.

He’s perfect.

Unfortunately, the world won’t tolerate perfection.

Warning: This near-future romance contains explicit scenes that are hotter than an overclocked CPU in BeastMode, but it’s all in the service of love.