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Arriving Soon


Unexpected Vows (Misty Grove Book 3)

by Victoria Paige on 2018-09-25

After taking the blame for her sister’s death, Kate Foster plans a life of solitude. A life that enables her to keep her distance.
Distance from what has been lost.
Distance from emotions that can break her mind.
And distance from the hard-to-resist handsome rancher.
For twelve years, Colt Montgomery thought she was dead. The former Navy SEAL never moved on. He will not be denied this second chance of a future with Kate.
When a string of mass killings grips the nation in fear, Misty Grove accepts two new residents into its protection. Kate is forced to return and face a responsibility she never saw coming.
As danger closes in, the key to ending the massacres lies within her.
If she breaks, more lives will be lost.
Colt’s unwavering strength is exactly what she needs.
For herself.
And … for the children she never knew she had.

*Can be read as standalone. Mature audience only. Romantic suspense with science fiction/paranormal themes.