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Arriving Soon


Iron Tigress Black Lotus (The Unleashed Saga Book 1)

by Victoria Summers on 2018-09-27

Michael has just moved into the ghetto with his father and two younger brothers. What most of the world doesn't know about Michael is that he, or rather she, is a transgender woman. She hasn't yet been able to transition, but life is about to change for her in a drastic way. Enter Ava, a beautiful genius who shows up one day and saves Michael's life in more ways than one, and exposes Michael to a world of adventure that she could only imagine.

This work is a translesbian sci-fi action erotic romance. It is the first work of The Unleashed Saga. The eroticism is light and story/relationship driven, though the language is explicit, and there are genitals of both kinds present in erotic scenarios. There are also explicit descriptions of violence in this work.