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Arriving Soon


Written In Sand (New World Rising Book 2)

by Victoria Zagar on 2017-10-26

Anthony’s life on the League space colony Advent is everything he ever wanted. Born into a League military family, Tony forges a respectable career at the Bureau—the investigative arm of the Morality Police. Tony’s job involves monitoring the communications of Advent citizens for any sinful activity punishable by Advent law—a duty he carries out with civic pride.

What Tony doesn’t count on is his boss—the charming and enigmatic Edward. Captivated by a man who shows him kindness and empathy in a lonely world, Tony finds himself questioning everything he’s been taught as his feelings send him spiraling into forbidden territory. His only saving grace is that Eddie is a League loyalist who could never reciprocate—until an encounter in secret proves otherwise.

As Tony begins to strip away the lies surrounding his identity, he learns that the League is evolving too, gearing up their anti-gay rhetoric in preparation for the coming Culture Wars. As Eddie slips secrets and sweet-nothings into his ear, Tony realizes that politics are something he can no longer sit on the sidelines and merely observe. To keep Eddie and their love alive, he’ll have to make choices and sacrifices he never imagined himself capable of.