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Arriving Soon


Conquering His Queen: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Zalaryn Conquerors Book 1)

by Viki Storm on 2019-01-15


This planet, it’s primitive even by human standards. But it’s mine—including the feisty young queen who’s in way over her head.

Because once I see her run out onto the battlefield, about to risk it all for her people, I have to save her. I have to conquer her. I have to own her.

She thinks she’s using me, thinks she can strut around and wrap me around her little finger. How wrong she is.

Conquering this planet is just a job for me. Subdue and evacuate the human population. And that includes her, no matter how bad I want to keep her…


I’m not sure how I ended up the queen of this isolated planet, but here I am. One problem after another. When I think it can’t get any worse, we’re invaded by huge, savage aliens.

The ship descends and I see him—their leader. He claims me for his own.

I need his help if I want to save my people. But I have nothing to offer him. Nothing to give him that he couldn’t just take.

Except my body. My virginity.

But he wants more. He wants my heart. And that’s something I vowed never to give away. A queen can’t trust anyone, even if he’s my only hope...

This is the first book in the new Zalaryn Conqueror's Trilogy and can be enjoyed without having read any of my previous books! And as always, HEA guaranteed!

Claimed by the Alien Mercenary: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Zalaryn Raiders Book 3)

by Viki Storm on 2018-06-27


One more job and I’m out. I’m done with this lousy planet. Deliver the human female to the Imperator of Fenda so he can have an exotic new addition to his royal harem.

But I can't get enough of her. This feisty little human has the spirit of a true Zalaryn warrior.

Just my luck. I’ve been blessed with a bonded mate—and she’s the property of another male.

I don’t care what the law says: she’s mine.

I’ve got a plan. And I can’t wait to claim my prize…


I suppose this spaceship is better than rotting in an Earth jail cell. Because that’s where I belong. I’m a thief. A killer. Trust means nothing to me… unless I can use it to get what I want.

This alien mercenary thinks he can tame me, thinks he can use me as a pawn in this intergalactic war? Let him try.

He’s making me sweet promises, but too bad for him, I know how this game is played. I know the rules. And I know how to win.

If I want to get off this planet, I have no choice but to trust him.

But when he tells me that I’m his bonded mate, I realize that maybe this isn’t a game after all. Maybe it’s something much, much more

Captured by the Alien Warrior: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Zalaryn Raiders Book 2)

by Viki Storm on 2018-04-12

A warrior owns what he is able to take. And I take her.
She’s trembling in a closet, hiding from the raiding party invading her human settlement. Hiding from me.
I collar her. I own her. She’s mine by law.
As the Captain of the Imperial Guard, I’ve sworn a solemn oath to have no mate, sire no offspring.
Oath-breakers are traitors, executed without a second thought. Let them try. I’ll beat them all for a chance to claim my mate.

I just want to go home. Except, I don’t have one. These alien bastards burned it to the ground.
And the biggest bastard of them all put a collar around my neck. He parades me around on the end of a leash like I’m his newest pet.
My clothes are torn and my body is exposed and there’s about a hundred alien warriors looking at me like they can’t wait to have a turn.
He keeps me safe from the horde. I’m his lawful captive, his property—and he doesn’t want to share.
But will he fight this hard to protect me when he finds out who I really am?

This is the second book in the Zalaryn Raiders Trilogy and they should be read in order, but this is Droka and Aren's story and an HEA is guaranteed!

Sold to the Alien Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Zalaryn Raiders Book 1)

by Viki Storm on 2018-02-07

When I see her groped and humiliated at the auction house, I have no choice but to buy her. Even if a virgin human female costs as much as all the minerals on Fenda.

I don’t care if it’s against the rules, if the healers say our DNA isn’t compatible. I’m the Crown Prince. I make the rules. I take what I want. And I want her.

She’s my proper mate. I can feel it.

But first, I must claim her. I’ll try to be gentle with my delicate little creature, but I don’t know if I can…

I’m a Marked human female, bought and paid for. He can do anything he wants to me. This gigantic, muscled alien has total mastery over my body.

I’ve never done this before… with human or alien. I'm frightened, alone and trembling but I can't help but imagine what it will feel like when this hulking creature takes me...

Why would I desire this brute? Even if he’s the one who saved me. The only one to show me kindness.

All that stuff he said about bonding and mates, that’s just alien superstition. It’s not what’s happening. Is it?