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Arriving Soon


Inheriting War (Brace for Humanity Book 6)

by Viola Grace on 2019-03-15

Remi is the first human-Rrassic hybrid, and she leaves the creche to return to Imrahl with her nearest four siblings. All of them have been trained to fight, spy, and make themselves useful to the war effort.

Hiding her existence from the unmated humans hadn’t occurred to her, and she is soon without a proper place and in a holding pattern. A job as a bodyguard is a great distraction.

Kromir is the Mrek-Rrassic who has been sent to examine the exotic new human-Saya. His bodyguard is one of the new species and therefore out of his grasp until he finds out that she isn’t, and she isn’t.

She leads him to the creche, and he sees the army that is rising around them, her brothers and sisters, and as she calls them, her cousins. He needs to report back to the council, but he needs proof. Remi is an excellent specimen, so he takes her along... for science.

Companion's Dilemma (Brace for Humanity Book 5)

by Viola Grace on 2019-03-08

Sarah has been a master of the service industry most of her life. When she wakes on Imrahl, she is assigned to a position in a teashop with extra privileges as a courier. Six months of steady events go by, and then, her best friend and boss has a moment of evolution and lashes out.

Sarah wakes in the med centre and the minor empathy that had aided her all her life is now full-blow telepathy, and her mind is in danger.

Lekorh the Saya-Rrassic is the telepath of the colony, and he takes her under his care and, eventually, into his bed. She should have seen him coming, but she is a telepath, not a psychic.

Resisting Desire (Brace for Humanity Book 4)

by Viola Grace on 2019-03-01

Niiva used to be a farmer’s daughter with every stereotype that went along with it. Her hormones raged out of control, and her body usually followed.

Now, she is on Imrahl, one of thousands of humans abducted to work with the Rrassic in their war efforts, and she has been kept away from the eligible warriors in a bid to keep her doing what she does best, farming.

One night after working late on a shipment, she finds herself facing a drunk human and a few of the leonine Regiz-Rrassic. They mistake her for a male and begin to get aggressive when another of their kind steps in to break it up. Argo takes notice of her, and it spells the end of her life as a harvester and a fast track into the Breeder compound.

Resistance is no longer a priority.

Waking Christmas (Stellar Born Book 1)

by Viola Grace on 2018-12-14

After taking her courses and mastering the talents she was born with, Minya just wants to go home and hold her family close.

When her drop pod spins out of control and lands her in the dead zone, she doesn’t know how she is going to survive in the ice and snow. She can’t communicate with family and she doesn’t know where she is, so following her instincts and hiking for the distant hills.

The party of strangers doesn’t say anything, they simply bring her into their underground community and help her get warm. The women smile and offer her a crown and sash of woven greenery and the men bow and urge her down a hall where warm air hints at a comfortable place to rest.

The warm zone is occupied by a man with ice-white eyes and he offers her hospitality. Her decision will make a choice for herself, and her world.

Cracked Control (Tales of the Citadel Book 60)

by Viola Grace on 2018-01-05

Addy was a lost Terran. Her ship was captured on the way to the Alliance training center, and she and the other occupants were held for experimentation.

Months of agony with her fellow humans dying under the test-to-destruction methods of the researchers ended the day that Addy was taken to the edge of her limits. A rescue operation came to save her and the other survivors, and she was sedated for the trip back to the Alliance.

Addy lay in stasis while the world she had set on its path to destruction shattered and the rescue shuttle fought for its own survival.

Thirty years later, Addy is woken to find that the world has changed, she is alone at a base, and she has the power in her cells to break the world under her feet. No pressure. Ha.

Maid in Stone (Tales of the Citadel Book 59)

by Viola Grace on 2017-11-24

Life started awkwardly and became a game of survival for Kiala. Hunted by the Assassins Guild for her parents’ illicit union, their little family ran from planet to planet until Ki put her foot down. She performed the entry exam for the Assassins Guild and sold her services to them for five years.

When her years as a bodyguard were up, she tried to work as an auditor, an investigator, and attempted to find her place in world without danger around every corner. The Citadel made her an offer, and she agreed to time as a sidekick to a recruiter.

When the contract is up, she is given another choice, another chance and another fresh start. Seeing a familiar face is the first shock of many as she works as a Citadel liaison in Nyal space.

Altered Design (Mechanical Advantage Book 2)

by Viola Grace on 2017-09-10

Alphy needs a guide, a pilot, and a companion. Who knew that Lexo could fit all requirements?

Alone on a station with only the voices in her head, Alphy needs to get in touch with the humans who are left out in space, and that means moving her ship. The trouble that she has is that the station was never designed to be flown by someone who didn’t even have a driving license.
Lexo has only been out of stasis for less than a week, but he jumps at the chance to leave his sister and her lover behind to seek out the bliss of the stars once again. Programmed to rage against the enemy, he must work to keep himself calm when confronted with a woman who activates his nervous system on sight. Lust has to take a back seat to the flight of the station; he just needs to find out what the huge ship is actually designed to do.
When Alphy finds out that there have been changes made to her systems, she must face being a freak among cyborgs with her altered design.

Alphy was checking the trajectory toward the battle base when an incoming alert echoed through the facility.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” She tried to find out which sensors had given the alert, but the intruder alarm sounded before she could.
She got to her feet and sprinted for the weapons’ locker. Alphy wasn’t really good with weapons, but the new targeting system that had been designed into her implants increased her chances of hitting a target exponentially.
Every bit of experimental enhancement to human cognition was at her disposal, so she downloaded stealth techniques and brought up the interior schematic of the station. She had to protect the brains, and that meant the junction of the only two corridors that led the way.
With three large weapons that were point-and-shoot by design, she sprinted down the halls to get to that junction. They might be annoying, but they were hers to protect. She might want to kill them, but no one else was allowed to.
The cheering in her mind was hushed when she growled at them. She needed all her concentration for keeping her newly downloaded battle skills in place.

Affinity (Halfblood Club Book 2)

by Viola Grace on 2017-07-29

The first two lovers they select are duds, one elf has another woman in mind the whole time, and the other…shudder. The third lover is a bit of a surprise--two men.

Boral and Orlyn have been friends for hundreds of years, all they are looking for is a woman to take them both on. Will Esmy give in to the temptation of two handsome elves, or will the human morality of her mother's people send her running for the hills?