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Skin Deep: a FF Steampunk story

by Violet Penrose on 2018-03-29

London, 1871. Dr. Alice Victor is an engineer of automata—advanced biomechanical constructs—a field dazzling in its possibilities but still in its infancy. When she meets the alluring Lady Glyde, her laboratory gains a benefactor and Alice a secret lover.

The lady and her husband have recently returned from Africa, and when Alice discovers they are secretly harboring members of a Malawian snake cult, it becomes clear that their ambitions for her work are far more sinister than it first seemed. Alice soon finds herself caught between pleasing her new lover and her loyalty to her colleague and best friend. As tension mounts, Alice must decide how far she is willing to go in her search for forbidden happiness.

Skin Deep is an intricate story of fantastical technology, desperate passion, mysterious rituals, and dark ambition that explores one woman’s quest for love in a society where her desires are taboo.