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The Warriors of Raspharion - Complete SciFi Romance Series Bundle

by Vivian Venus on 2019-01-21

The Warriors of Raspharion Bundle includes all three steamy hot standalone books from this alien dragon-shifter series! 50,000+ words combined, with no cliffhangers and all HEAs!

In Trapped With the Warrior, the crowned dragon prince of Raspharion finds himself trapped alone in deep space with a beautiful warrior from his past. She’d vanished years ago with his heart in tow, and now the two former lovers must confront the secret romance they once shared.

In Warrior’s Destiny, a human girl is abducted from her normal, boring Earth life by the youngest dragon prince of Raspharion in order to complete his rite of passage into manhood. In the world of Raspharion, she’s anything but an ordinary girl, and she must learn how her special destiny intertwines with the fiery, uncertain heart of the handsome alien warrior.

In Warrior’s Taken, a woman on Earth is kidnapped by alien slavers and finds herself about to be sold to the highest bidder—until her captor’s ship is boarded and taken by a dashing alien space-pirate. He promises to get her home to Earth if she can repay him—but it isn't money that he wants...