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Gareth (The Nova Force Book 3)

by Vivienne Savage on 2018-11-15

The final installment of The Nova Force trilogy is here!
Living on the run for nine years has made Evangeline a skeptical woman. With a new face and a fabricated identity, she sails the stars as captain of her own mercenary ship. Online virtual reality games return a fraction of the life stolen from her by the Royal Navy’s betrayal.

Gareth’s marriage didn’t survive the loss of his little girl. Since then, he’s thrown all his dedication into military life and training his psychic powers. Dating hasn’t entered the equation, unless one counts the redheaded spitfire he games with online.

When Evie finally invites Gareth to meet her in person at the galaxy’s best entertainment hub, the offer seems too good to be true—because it is. Humanity’s biggest threat has their eye on the space station, and they’ll be in for the fight of their lives.

Kaiden (The Nova Force Book 2)

by Vivienne Savage on 2018-08-30

After recovering from the abduction that turned him into a machine, Kaiden struggles with his identity. When he receives orders to investigate similar disappearances, he hopes to find answers and the closure he needs. He should be focused on the mission. Nothing else should matter. But the spy working along with him is an infuriating distraction.

When the queen wants information, she sends her best spy, and no one in the Royal Navy is better than Nisrine. In Kaiden, she finds a reliable partner with a quick wit and deadlier aim, the perfect counterbalance to her psychic prowess. Working alongside him should be easy, but it isn't. She's a sucker for a damaged soul and his gorgeous, if rare smiles. Lusting after him isn't part of her mission.

But their attraction will have to be placed on hold, because the enemy will do anything to make Kaiden disappear again... for good.

Xander (The Nova Force Book 1)

by Vivienne Savage on 2018-05-31

In a future where anything alien is mistrusted, Commander Xander Vargas hides his true nature. Reassignment to a new ship is the second chance he needs, and spoiling it isn't an option. Until he meets his one temptation, a woman his alien genes would kill for.

Sergeant Thandie Kruger finds herself under the care of the navy's sexiest cybernetic surgeon. She should resist him, but she's fascinated, and his mysterious eyes hold a dozen secrets.

Although they're divided by rank and united by undeniable attraction, there are bigger problems in the galaxy. Cyborgs like Thandie are vanishing from colonies--and the navy--at an alarming rate.

And anyone could be next.