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The Wolf in the Hen House (A Larkwood Story Book 4)

by Wanda Hargrove on 2017-10-08

Dusty Hill is under major stress; a production company has shown up in Larkwood to make a movie, Shawn O'Malley isn't happy, and a man has shown up on their first movie sight wanting to take the star, LaDonna Shiek, away from the glitz and glamour, only she refuses. Now the movie star is being stalked and Dusty is assigned to protect her, but now the fan is sending her gruesome gifts. To complicate Dusty's life more, she's getting married in two weeks and her Captain, Quientin Blackmore, is saddling her with a partner she never wanted. But why is he being secretive? How much of her bubbly partner can she take? Will Dusty solve the case before the wedding or will she call it off?