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Cocky Virgin Prince: (of Android City)

by Wendy Rathbone on 2018-05-28

MM romance novella. A human drama on a futuristic backdrop set in an unknown time.

You are about to enter the Exalted Sacred Chamber of Pleasure. You are about to participate in the Rite of Ecstasy. All humans of Android City must go through this rite to honor the body-temple while they are still young and have all their natural human attributes.


You are unwilling, unsure, unhappy, and you are a cocky, defiant prince who hates his life.

Your story began when your one true love left when you were twelve and you barely knew what love was. You never got over it. You named him your number one archenemy. And you have decreed, as Prince Night of Android City, that no one touches your royal ass. No one.

Nevertheless, your father the cyborg king forces you into the Sacred Chamber.

And who should appear after nine years of sorrow, grief and loneliness but your very best friend from childhood. Yes, the one who left you. The one who entered the Academy of Sacred Pleasure to become one of the sexiest and most talented Guides for leading others in the Rite of Ecstasy.

Your number one archenemy. He is a beautiful man now, and you hate him even more than you can imagine. Though by law you cannot leave the Chamber until your virginity is forfeit, you don’t care.

You will never let him touch you.


by Wendy Rathbone on 2017-12-31

Prey, by Writers of the Future Award-Winning Author, Wendy Rathbone

Captain Mordecai Paronne’s routine is disrupted! When nine rescued slaves board his starship, he is forced to recall an incident when he was 17 where he narrowly escaped being abducted by the same mysterious aliens these men have lived with for many years. Now the nightmare is upon him again.

What these men, and countless others who remain in captivity went through defies all ethics and behavior Mordecai holds under close control.

Add to that, the reports he is receiving from the eldest captive, 25 year old Arcana, are horrifying and devastating, but also darkly erotic. Extremely conflicted, Mordecai begins to feel mired in shameful desires he is determined to resist.

Arcana is the most beautiful human Mordecai has ever laid eyes on. While Arcana should be broken by all he has been through, Mordecai soon learns that Arcana is a survivor who is unashamed by what he went through, and who blatantly talks of his love for his captor, and his own strange desires that gave him a foundation from which he could gain strength to survive seven years in an alien realm.

But though Arcana appears mentally and physically healthy, he is also very troubled. He knows he cannot fit easily back into human society. He does not wish to be reunited with his family, nor does he have skills that can land him a legitimate job.

Adept at getting what he needs to survive, Arcana places all his focus on seducing Mordecai, who represents everything he thinks he needs to live, to be happy, and most of all, to feel safe.

Will Arcana’s tendencies and honesty be enough to win a man with a compulsive need for control of his ship and his own personal life?

Can Mordecai reconcile his darker desires with an insecurity that he is incapable of giving Arcana what he needs?

A gay, fantasy/scifi romance.

Mature content: Contains depictions of torture and sexual assault, but not between the two main characters. Also contains scenes of a psychologically dark nature.