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To Earth and Back: The Afterlife

by William Boardman on 2018-01-27

The year is 1948—the onset of the of the Arab-Israeli War. A young Jewish-Christian woman has been rescued from her Syrian assailants by an alien crew from a distant civilization. Hours later she awakens aboard a massive starship, complete with mind-numbing technology and an alien crew numbering in excess of four hundred. For thirteen years she has been the case study of the ship’s surgeon and is stunned to find herself the object of his affection. With the loss of her family during the great war, a history of diabetes, and a recent diagnosis of cancer, her future seems bleak. Yet the rescue crew has given a glimmer of hope. Dazed and conflicted, she must weigh two very different courses of action—stay on with her new friends and give love a chance or return to Earth and her own people. Either way, the crew of Earth Research Station 23 will never be the same.

To Earth and Back

by William Boardman on 2018-01-27

Born into American society, then moved to Berlin during the Nazis’ rise to power, a young Jewish girl has no idea what lies ahead. Meanwhile, orbiting high above the earth, a young physician from a civilization light years away, studies and records her every move, hoping to better understand the Hebrew culture. Time goes by, and though they have never met, to him she seems like family. War finds the girl in her teens, and trauma exacts a heavy toll. She embarks on a pilgrimage which takes her from country to country only to leave her in ill health, without family, and an outcast among her own people. Then, when war looms again, the now 19-year-old woman is trapped in a hopeless, life-threatening situation. Painfully aware and thousands of miles out in space, the grief-stricken doctor goes before his ship’s council with an urgent plea. The council’s options are few—break strict protocol for the sake of their beloved physician or allow the young woman to perish. The courses of two civilizations hang in the balance.