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Arriving Soon


Touch of Heat

by Yvette Hines on 2018-07-24

Cyran was a simple royal attendant on her planet before it was destroyed. Now, she finds herself fleeing an abduction and everything important to her is lost. She is on the run and time is of the essence as her latent calori series surfaces—a benefit to all her kind touches. Magic, New Mexico is her only hope as she attempts to blend in to the oddity of the town. Just when she begins to relax and believe that no one will find her so far away on the primitive planet, she comes face to face with the man sent after her. Her body recognizes this man in a way she wished it didn’t, complicating any hope she has avoiding him.
Kesh T’en is a galaxy bounty hunter. A tracker for hire. When he is offered a substantial payment that could help his planet he takes it. Going after a runaway bride is just another job to him, even if the intended groom makes bile rise in his throat. Finding people and presenting them to the payer is something he’s done without sentiment, until her. Cyran is a woman that causes his blood to burn. For the first time in his self-made career, he is caught between honoring a job or following his desires.

Can the job that steered Kesh to Cyran drive them apart even when the bond weaved between them can only be broken by death?