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Arriving Soon


Third Wave: The Tree of Knowledge\The Others\The Last People

by Zaide Bishop on 2017-08-01

A new battle has begun, and the struggle to survive is not only for Eden but for the fate of all life on Earth 

Once divided, the Elikai and Varekai tribes have unified. Now called Kai, they've come to look beyond rebuilding their world to secure a life for the new Children of Eden. For the tribe leaders, there is another way to protect the future: revisit the past. 

In unearthing their origins as a people, in learning the truth behind the cataclysm that wiped out most of the world's population, the few survivors will discover the very reason for their existence. 

They've never been more united—or more vulnerable to a new enemy. Their once-peaceful archipelago is now under threat from an army of outsiders with their own unfathomable purpose. 

The desperate families of Kai must make it back to the mainland. Before their dream of Eden mutates into a nightmare. 


Don't miss the first two books in this series, First Fall and Second Heart, available now! 


This book is approximately 97,000 words 


First Fall: The Canoe Thief

by Zaide Bishop on 2017-07-02

In a world that's part paradise and part hell, two opposing tribes are divided by the most dangerous impulse of all: desire 

For years, the Varekai and Elikai tribes have each struggled in their own ways to survive against the elements, hunger and the deadly creatures of Eden. 

For just as many years, they have adhered to one rule: never make contact.  

The resourceful Varekai are called female. 

And the Elikai? A mysterious, animal breed called male. 

When an adventurous Elikai brother is caught stealing from the enemy, a beautiful, inquisitive Varekai healer, the rules keeping the two tribes apart begin to matter less and less. Stranded together in a perilous land, a curious instinct draws Varekai and Elikai closer together than their world has ever dared. 

And nothing will ever be the same.  


The Bones of Eden series continues with Second Heart 


Warning: First Fall contains explicit content, including dubious consent. 


This book is approximately 64,000 words

Second Heart: The Dragon War\The Monsoon

by Zaide Bishop on 2017-07-01

In this second installment of the Bones of Eden series, a new enemy threatens a fragile union 

Peace has come to the Elikai and the Varekai, to man and woman, and to the tribe leaders. 

United as one. For now. 

Gone is the hope of a world beyond Eden, but gone too is the threat of war that once divided them. The new world brings the promise of family, and happiness they've only dreamed of. But when the force of nature bears down and the safety of the tribes is at risk, alliances shift yet again. 

With food running short in the face of a coming monsoon, the Varekai leader must make a decision. One that could shatter their newfound harmony. 

For those who do survive, desperation could inflame the embers of an old war. 


The Bones of Eden series concludes with Third Wave 


Don't miss the first in this series, First Fall, available now! 


This book is approximately 63,000 words