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Inertia: A Why Choose Science Fiction Romance (Seven Energies Book 1)

by Zara Stark on 2019-06-04

Hustler turned savior of the universe?

Lix has spent the last year hiding out on the casino planet of Alea Ludo using her empathic power to tell truth from lie to rake in a large fortune. After a lifetime of wondering where her next meal was coming from, she has no sympathy for the weapons merchants and warlords that frequent the casino. After a chance encounter with the man who commands the armies of the galaxy's dictator, a man who used to dumpster dive with her as a child, she flees to the other side of the planet. She comes across a creature that predicts she will help save the universe. The creature tells her that she must find the other seven souls connected with hers. Without them, the galaxy will not only fall to ruin under the Regime but to the darkness encroaching on their galaxy as well.

*Inertia is the first of the Seven Energies Trilogy, a romping space fantasy following Lix as she navigates the beautiful and deadly galaxy in the middle of political turmoil. An RH/why choose romance, Lix has multiple love interests (some are aliens) and doesn't have to choose between them. Steamy scenes, dark content, magical violence, intense battles and language will feature in this series, reader discretion is advised.*