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The Baylan Chronicles: DRACE (A sci-fi alien romance)

by Zoe Blake on 2018-04-10

Rachel Harkett’s temp job gets a lot more interesting when Drace, an injured, gorgeous hunk of an alien, staggers into her office after hours. He’s tall, ripped, has color-changing tattoos, and says he’s being hunted by a shadowy government agency. Rachel can deal with the fact that Drace is an alien warrior, but she can’t accept his claims that the intense attraction blazing between them is because she is his true, biological mate. When agents close in, the two go on the run to find Drace’s shuttle so he can return home. They may heat up the sheets just fine, but Rachel doesn’t count on Drace abducting her back to his base ship.

Drace Dal-Allean, Saar-king of the Baylan people, is used to getting what he wants. Rachel became his woman the moment she touched him, as evidenced by the new soul marks on his chest denoting the touch of his mate. But while Rachel shares his attraction, she’s resistant to starting a life as his queen on the base ship he rules. Drace will do whatever it takes to protect his new human mate, but when saving her life means taking her with him to his space ship, how can he convince the feisty and spirited Rachel that a life with him isn’t one of abduction and imprisonment?

The sudden appearance of an alien Baylan base ship within view of Earth throws the planet into turmoil, forcing Rachel to decide between the world she was born to, and the sexy alien king who has claimed her heart.

THE BAYLAN CHRONICLES: DRACE is the first book in a romance series about hot alien alpha males finding their mates with human Earth women. This is a stand-alone story with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA (happily ever after). More installments in this series are on the way!