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Vengeance Unveiled - A Dystopian Rebel Romance: Book 1 of The Vengeance Trilogy

by Zoey Indiana on 2019-06-16

A dangerous superhuman soldier.

A determined sexy revolutionary.

One deadly secret that could destroy the world.

Freya was created to destroy enemies of the state. After developing psychic powers, she stumbles on secrets that could crumble the world as they know it. In her heart, she gives her loyalty to the Resistance, but she will risk the lives of everyone on the planet if she acts.

To help repopulate the planet after a virus decimated the male population centuries ago, Bash was born for one purpose and one purpose alone. To naturally repopulate the Resistance. Constantly chased by the women of the Resistance who want to make their place in history, Bash detests meaningless flings.

When Freya and Bash manage to escape with each other after a vicious firefight, the last thing they expect is to find love. Can Freya put aside her need for vengeance against the government to open her heart to something besides hate? Can Bash deny fate and society to stay with the one woman of his dreams?

Vengeance Unveiled is the first book of The Vengeance Trilogy. If you love headstrong women, badass heroes, and romance so steamy it will knock off your socks, then you won't want to miss out.

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Vengeance Due - A Dystopian Rebel Romance: Novella Prequel to The Vengeance Trilogy

by Zoey Indiana on 2019-04-16

A powerful resistance leader. A carefree playboy. One little mistake that puts both of their lives on the line.

Nova has one goal in life. Keeping her comrades safe through a secret meeting place disguised as a bar. But after a run for supplies leaves the only place she knows compromised, Nova must find safety. When she finds harbor in an underground colony, the evil government agency tries killing everyone in the resistance, including the only man on the planet.

Cay has the perfect life. Living as the only man alive hundreds of years after a virus kills off all men has it perks. As the government agency closes in, he must escape their grasp. When the underground colony is destroyed, Cay escapes with a woman he can't stop thinking about.

When Nova and Cay barely survive the destruction, the last thing they expect is to find love. Nova swears vengeance against the government for all the death and destruction, but after a plan goes awry, Cay is almost captured by the same people who want him dead. Can Nova and Cay survive their dangerous adventure to find a happily ever after?

Vengeance Due is a steamy prequel novella to The Vengeance Trilogy. If you like daring adventures, strong heroines, and couples defying the odds, then you won't want to miss out.

Download Vengeance Due today to start your next delicious adventure!