Abducted By The Alien -Rebels of Sidyth by Sabrina Kade.


This book makes me think “soap opera” but with aliens. Ms. Kade has created some interesting aliens and  a detailed alien world. The premise centers around a group of prostitutes also known as entertainers whose latest gig takes them to a planet where an alien rebel prince and his cohorts have settled after they rebelled against the treatment of women on their world.

Prince Korben buys them the companionship of these human prostitutes so they can build news lives and families. Each of the six books of the series centers around the romance between one of the women and one of the aliens. Even though the women were prostitutes, Prince Korben will not use them that way, but makes his men court them and treat them with respect.

So far, I have only had the chance to read book one which I thoroughly enjoyed and book six. The writing is good and the story plays out logically.

Phoebe is a lesser experienced young woman who had a scare that sent her into the protective arms of Iriel who has made it clear he wants to be her chosen mate. She doesn’t want Iriel and is afraid to tell him she will not choose him as her mate. She wants Drazal. I get that she is afraid and feels bad about not finding the courage to end it with Iriel.

But when her reticence to say how she feels gets Drazal beaten up by six guys. I want to slap that little girl and shake her up. Drazal is so smitten with her that he doesn’t even get angry at her for not putting a stop to the farce that she is living.

As the story goes on, I began to see Iriel’s passive aggressive behavior in his subtle attempts to coerce and cajole Phoebe to name him her Chosen which is the equivalent of marriage. The story carries the reader through several of Phoebe’s attempts to let Iriel down easy, but he refuses to take the hints.

The characters are realistically drawn and the tale is literately written, but the angst between the characters in this love triangle takes too long to play out. I liked the beginning and the end but I wanted more action in the middle of the story.  That said, the story was still worth reading and it’s available in Kindle Unlimited.

Matched: Jennifer’s Diary: BBW Polyamorous Paranormal Romance


Sci-Fi geek Jennifer is fed up. Her family is unsupportive and her love life is far from satisfactory. It’s not her fault that she has a super healthy libido.

Desperation leads her to volunteer for a partnership program offered by the Alliance of Autonomous Planets that promises to match her with her perfect mate(s). Maybe she will finally find relief. Human men have been a disappointment.

Will an alien mate fulfill her desires? Are shifters a real thing?


My Review

This book was kind of a fun romp about a young woman who travels to another planet to be mated with an alien. She hopes an alien will be able to satisfy her over active libido. An alien mate turns out to be three alien mates, a reverse harem.

L. Starfyre has some good world building and interesting plot twists. But…

As Jennifer gets into a routine with her three mates, the story stalls out. I get that it’s a diary. When I kept a diary, there were a lot of days not interesting to write about. She ate and slept a lot between  sex and body changes that turn her into a flying dragon shifter that can breathe fire. And of course, she got pregnant, but she was in a committed relationship .

The reason she needed to eat all the time was because she burned lots of calories turning into a dragon, learning to fly, and to breath fire. Matched has the makings of a great story, but for me the characters lacked depth, and emotion. The sex scenes weren’t overly explicit or offensive.

I liked the three alien mates, an alpha, beta and an omega that were sweet and attentive to Jennifer’s needs. The fed her, bathed her, groomed her and made love to her. How cool would that be? And they are fire breathing, flying dragon shifters.

After she started having sex with them Jennifer started to morph into a fire breathing dragon shifter, too.

Matched is  a pretty good story. It has all the elements of a great story but falls short, I think, because it is written as a diary. The reader gets everything from the main character’s view point, and there are many missed opportunities to delve into her emotions and her mates’ emotions, even as a diary. I think I would have liked it better had L. Starfyre written this in alternating first person, interspersed with diary entries.

Then, it ends in a cliffhanger but it’s worth reading. I will certainly take a look at the next in the series when it comes out.

The book averages 4 1/2 Stars on Amazon  from 15 reviewers

Available in Kindle Unlimited


Rok the Newest in T.J. Quinn’s Mail Order Bride Series – A Review


A reluctant Mail Order Bride accepts her fate as her family struggles to survive the fall of civilization on Earth. Food, medicine, and water are scarce. Her family’s only hope is the dowry they will receive from Trixie’s future alien husband. She agrees to be a Mail Order Bride without knowing what kind of humanoid he will be…

Rox is not exactly humanoid… he looks more beast than human. Worse, he paid for a bride during a drunken spree and then forgot about her. He doesn’t even show up for her arrival. Rox takes his friend’s advice, decides to enjoy his bride in every way until he can break the contract. Rox never expected she would be so beautiful, or that she would stir such desire in him.

Passion brings them together while stubborn pride threatens to tear them apart. Will they overcome the obstacles to their happiness or go their separate ways?


As you would expect after reading the blurb, Trixie is a sweet girl who loves her family and is determined to help them the only way she can after losing her job in a bad economy.  She becomes a Mail Order Bride so she can get the dowry to support them while she goes off to the stars to meet a new husband, she has never seen, not even a picture. She is determined to make the best of it for her family’s sake.

Also not surprising, Trixie’s new husband not only looks like a beast, he acts like one. He is too busy to meet her at the spaceport and she is told to go to his house but the “bitchy” housekeeper won’t let her in because her boss didn’t even tell her Trixie was coming. So Trixie is forced to go to a hotel.

Rok finally arrives hours later. Since they are legally married, he coerces Trixie into having sex right away. Trixie is reluctant because even though they were legally married, Rok is a big, beastly stranger. But he crassly refuses to forego getting what he paid for. He doesn’t force her; he seduces her with kisses and caresses. Trixie’s body responds and she succumbs to the passion of the moment.

Rok is more of an anti-hero who comes off as thoughtless and sometimes cruel and this story is a little darker then some of T.J. Quinn’s other books. I don’t want to spoil the story, and there are a couple of twists you don’t see coming. The HEA delivers.

I made the mistake of starting to read it late one night and I could hardly stop reading it. if this were an Amazon review, I would give Rok the five stars it deserves.




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