Abducted By The Alien -Rebels of Sidyth by Sabrina Kade.


This book makes me think “soap opera” but with aliens. Ms. Kade has created some interesting aliens and  a detailed alien world. The premise centers around a group of prostitutes also known as entertainers whose latest gig takes them to a planet where an alien rebel prince and his cohorts have settled after they rebelled against the treatment of women on their world.

Prince Korben buys them the companionship of these human prostitutes so they can build news lives and families. Each of the six books of the series centers around the romance between one of the women and one of the aliens. Even though the women were prostitutes, Prince Korben will not use them that way, but makes his men court them and treat them with respect.

So far, I have only had the chance to read book one which I thoroughly enjoyed and book six. The writing is good and the story plays out logically.

Phoebe is a lesser experienced young woman who had a scare that sent her into the protective arms of Iriel who has made it clear he wants to be her chosen mate. She doesn’t want Iriel and is afraid to tell him she will not choose him as her mate. She wants Drazal. I get that she is afraid and feels bad about not finding the courage to end it with Iriel.

But when her reticence to say how she feels gets Drazal beaten up by six guys. I want to slap that little girl and shake her up. Drazal is so smitten with her that he doesn’t even get angry at her for not putting a stop to the farce that she is living.

As the story goes on, I began to see Iriel’s passive aggressive behavior in his subtle attempts to coerce and cajole Phoebe to name him her Chosen which is the equivalent of marriage. The story carries the reader through several of Phoebe’s attempts to let Iriel down easy, but he refuses to take the hints.

The characters are realistically drawn and the tale is literately written, but the angst between the characters in this love triangle takes too long to play out. I liked the beginning and the end but I wanted more action in the middle of the story.  That said, the story was still worth reading and it’s available in Kindle Unlimited.

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