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Axel Rex (Cyborg Awakenings Book 4)

by Clarissa Lake on 2019-10-01

Axel Rex was one among thousands of cyborgs produce for the interstellar war with the Mesaarkans who remained in stasis throughout the war.He is in charge of demolishing several square kilometers of ruins in Farringay to make way for a new interstellar starport. During his virtual life in stasis,he was educated and trained for war. He was also prepared for love in case he found the one genetically compatible female with whom he could breed and make offspring. The chance for a family of his own and freedom at the end of service was their motivation to serve.

It’s not something Axel is counting on. He is too busy supervising 500 cyborgs at the demolition site to daydream about finding love. Then one stubborn female refuses to leave a building set for demolition.

Layna Rose lived with her cat Sammy in the ruins of Farringay and had claimed a ruined apartment building as home. No cyborg goon is going to make her give up her home until Axel pulls her out kicking and screaming.

She pleads with him to let her go back for her cat. Layna takes the opportunity to grab her cat and run. Axel intercepts her quickly and suspecting she is his genetic match. He convinces her to go back to the barracks with him for food, shelter and new clothing. While they are eating he tells her she is his match.

She thinks he just wants her for sex and she doesn’t quite believe he wants her to be his mate for life. But the food is good, and it’s nice to be clean and have new clothing. Layna can’t deny the primal sexual attraction she feels for Axel. She is not even sure she likes him, but she knows she won’t get a better offer. Bedding Axel is no hardship, but Layna doesn’t delude herself they are in love. Could she love a cyborg? Could she love this cyborg?

Sexually explicit for adults. Guaranteed HEA.

Joven's Bride (Interstellar Matchmaking Series Book 3)

by Clarissa Lake on 2019-07-02

Carly Adrian discovered Narovian Interstellar Matchmaking Service after the alien United Galactic Alliance of World made their presence known to Earth. She wanted more than a career but she had no luck finding the right mate on her own. The matchmaking service promised a 99% success rate using genetics to match applicants to their soulmates.

The gorgeous male cyborg with starkly blue feline eyes who could shift into a lion size panther was not what she expected. But then he spoke her whole body responded along with her heart and mind. She wouldn’t get a 99% guarantee anywhere else.

Carly might have had second thoughts had she known the passenger freighter taking her there would be seized by alien pirates.

Joven Brendict was a starship Captain in the war against the Drayid Crusades to bring down the Alliance. No pirate is going to steal his soulmate, his meomee.

His species is known for many things including giving off pheromones that will drive his human soulmate wild with desire. As soon as Carly met forgot everything but how much she wanted to mate with her new husband.

When the torment she endured comes back to haunt her will Joven’s love be enough to make her want to stay?

Contains explicit sex scenes, no cheating, HEA ending

Kragyn (Farseek Warrior Series Book 1)

by Clarissa Lake on 2019-01-10

The war was over, yet the Sargans came and bombed his world to ruin…

They stole his life by making him a slave, but Kragyn Vermaktu was no slave!
He was a Farseek Warrior. His rebellion landed him on Julconi Prison Planet…
No guards, no rules…

A place where strength meant survival…

Stolen from Earth, sold as a slave Reanne Winter is forced to kill or be killed…
Earning her a one-way trip to Julconi…
Terrified by a mob of males outside the gate, she was sure she would be raped and killed before the day ended…

Enter Kragyn…

He calls her solmatu and offers to get her to safety.
A shock of attraction flashes between them as soon as they touch…

She knows she won’t get a better offer.

Can the passion that burns between them grow into the legendary solmatu bond?

Or is it just a symbiotic relationship born of the need to survive?

Based on the Farseek Mercenary Series

Wicked Ways: Horse Clan Chronicles 1

by Clarissa Lake on 2017-12-31

Darwick "Wick" McKell is looking for revenge for the murder of his brother Camron by Vargan Rode. He slips into the Lake Clans village of Diamond Bay but Vargan is nowhere to be found. Wick finds Vargan's betrothed Lora Sandgren and decides to kill her instead. However his instant attraction to her quickly changes to lust for her instead of revenge.

What better revenge than to take Vargan's woman and seduce her? Initially Wick kidnaps he kicking and screaming. He ties her up to keep her subdued and impulsively kisses her before putting her on his horse. Then, Wick knows the attraction is mutual and presses his advantage to make her his. But what happens when he takes her back to Blue Summit?

Wicked Ways is based on the Aledan Series novel Oltarin: The Horse Clans Colony by Christine Myers. Wicked Ways is set on Oltarin, 300 years prior to the events portrayed in Oltarin. The preface and introduction are written by Christine Myers.
Sizzling love scenes.

Her Alien Trader (Narovian Mates Series)

by Clarissa Lake on 2017-08-10

Renan Garr, a wealthy Narovian trader paid the match making service to find his genetic mate on Earth. Alien pirates illegally obtained a list of some of these Earther matches and kidnapped them, holding them for ransom to there Narovian mates. After Alliance Law Enforcement rescued them, the Earther matches had the choice whether to meet their genetic mates. Kelly Richards met Renan on a com connection but wasn’t sure she wanted to be mated to a man who wanted her to live on Narova. When she didn’t respond after a few weeks, Renan takes matters into his own hands.