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Arriving Soon



by Laurel Black on 2019-02-23

Eoin scoffed. “Never thought the Faction would care so much about two guys on the run.”

“It can’t be helped.” He grabbed some logs near the hearth and threw them into the hearth. “We have to keep our heads down for a while.”

“That’s not gonna happen.” Eoin said quietly. “They already know we’re here. It’s just a matter of time, before they kill us both.”

“That’s not-”

“Then why aren’t we running?”

Peter fell silent.

As the quiet dragged on, the two men stared at the flickering embers. When Eoin began shivering again, he placed an arm around him, nearly shoving him into himself. He yelped, but a few moments later, somehow relaxed. His breathing eased. Peter watched then, as Eoin’s eyes drifted shut.

He was left to watch the dying light alone.