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 Protected By The Aliens: A Reverse Harem Romance Collection

Protected By The Aliens: A Reverse Harem Romance Collection

by Maia Starr on 2018-09-27

These sexy aliens want wives and they have to be a virgin. Earth has been conquered
and there is only 1 female for every 4 alien warriors. The apocalypse has arrived…

A Reverse Harem Romance Collection
Daine Bride Captives Complete Series Boxset

Book 1: Claimed By The Aliens
Book 2: Pleasured By The Aliens

Note: Adults Only!

Wolf's Secret (Alpha's Hunger Book 2)

by Carina Wilder on 2018-09-27
By the time he started up the elevator again to bring us to the top of the building, my legs were shaking. I was spent. Exhausted. Destroyed. Yet I still wanted so, so much more...
Ariana is happier than she's ever been, and why wouldn't she be? After all, her lover, Tristan Wolfe, is incredible. A wealthy, powerful shifter, he's the most amazing man she's ever met.
The only problem? 
He's got a lot of secrets.
Then again, she has one or two of her own...
Will their pasts drive a wedge between them that keeps them apart forever, or can they overcome this last obstacle?

Wolf's Secret, the second book in the Alpha's Hunger Series, is 60,000 words long.
 Dark Bishop (Metatron

Dark Bishop (Metatron's Army, Book 7)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2018-09-27
It’s Time…

To Send a Message.

“I may be the Princess but I’m a soldier first.”

Recognizing the value of being underestimated, Heiress Christine Baker has remained in the background, readying Metatron’s Army to take on an enemy whose goal makes the Big Bang look like a Fourth of July celebration.

To Accept Reality.

Her lover was right. Some people only responded to violence and aggression.

The down side to being underestimated is being seen as weak. Tedious as it is, it’s clearly time to show those who think they are in power who truly is…

To Reveal the Truth.

“You call it core, I call it soul. No matter how you turn it, you’re talking about the same thing.”

Leading an army of Light Beings begins by showing them that not only are they all on the same side, they are all the same inside.

Everything necessary to defeat the bastard is in place.

It’s Time…

Let the offensive begin!
 Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 6

Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 6

by C. B. Maurice on 2018-09-28
As the crisis passes, suspicion remains. Saida's high temperature left her confused, paranoid, and unable to command. Daig, who had chicken pox as a child, is exhausted from running things for the last two weeks, but many of the Baili and Hiberni feel that he should remain in power. Then Livy discovers the fortress is running very low on food supplies. As she and Daig try to figure out how to get more food, Saida is attacked by two Hiberni who want her out of the way permanently and food appears outside the village and the fortress gates.
 Savage Heart: Book One of the Clan Warrior Chronicles

Savage Heart: Book One of the Clan Warrior Chronicles

by Rebecca Day on 2018-09-28
The year is 2532. Grace belongs to a small group of mountain dwellers who believe they’re the sole survivors of a plague that swept the earth hundreds of years ago. When she confronts the Elders about a threat to their survival, she is denounced and exiled for blasphemy. Knowing her only hope rests on the existence of other tribes, she heads toward the ruins of the old world.

Raimus is a proud warrior of the Clan, a warlike society that survived the plague and fall of civilization through brute strength and a strict isolation policy. Trained for battle, he was raised in a world where all outsiders are either killed or enslaved.

When these two meet, they’re forced to depend on each other to survive and Raimus finds himself questioning everything he was taught to believe.
 Extrication (Veiled Eliminators Book 1)

Extrication (Veiled Eliminators Book 1)

by Taryn Jameson on 2018-09-28
Two is an eliminator, a trained assassin. She has one mission—enter the portal, eliminate a rogue general, then activate her microchip to wipe her memory. But she knows a secret that would rock the foundations of the Institute’s training program. Armed with only a tiny dagger, and the truth of their future, she enlists the help of her partner, Four, to escape their fate.
 The Game of Luck (A Felicia Sevigny Novel)

The Game of Luck (A Felicia Sevigny Novel)

by Catherine Cerveny on 2018-09-28
A Brazilian tarot card reader and a Russian crime lord try to restore peace to the galaxy in the third and final book of the steamy science fiction adventure series that began with The Rule of Luck.

The perfect society One Gov engineered from Earth's ashes is beginning to crumble. As social unrest and dissatisfaction spread throughout the tri-system, One Gov struggles to maintain order, and a single misstep could see civilization spiraling into chaos.

During this dark time, Felicia Sevigny is eager to use her card-reading ability and new position with One Gov to help restore peace. But she soon learns that the game of politics is a dangerous one, and being married to Alexei Petriv, head of the Tsarist Consortium and One Gov's biggest rival, is not necessarily a hand in her favor.

When members of her family begin to disappear, the stakes skyrocket. There are those who would stop at nothing for the chance to exploit Felicia's luck gene to seize power all over the tri-system. And as the threat of revolution seems imminent, it may be that this time, nothing will be enough to keep Felicia and everyone she loves safe-not even luck.

"Cerveny's debut blends steamy sci-fi-fi with breathless intrigue and action, all set on a far-future Earth that's equal parts fascinating and terrifying."
-Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger and Breath of Earth

"Imaginative. Fans of romance in science fiction are going to love this!"
-Kim Harrison, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Felicia Sevigny novels
The Rule of Luck
The Chaos of Luck
The Game of Luck
 Brax: The Tellox Book III

Brax: The Tellox Book III

by Kelly Lucille on 2018-09-30
Ariel Bird has always been out of sync with the rest of the world. Turning eighteen with two doctorates has not helped matters. But it never mattered to her as long as she had her sisters. Only now those sisters have disappeared and strange spaceships have been seen in the night skies again.
Everyone thought the Alien threat had come and gone. They were wrong.
Ariel is about to find out what happened to her sisters.
This is the third and last book of the Tellox series. It can be read as a stand alone but is better appreciated in series order.
 One Thought, Then Gone (Short Fiction Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy)

One Thought, Then Gone (Short Fiction Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy)

by J. R. Kruze on 2018-09-30
I was sent here to keep me safe. From horrors I wasn't supposed to know about.

But they didn't understand the first thing about arriving in a female body with raging hormones and a genius beyond understanding of myself and anyone around us.

Of course, they wiped my memory. That didn't mean I couldn't figure out that I didn't belong.

Then I met someone that I could almost trust. Not to give me away.

Because if anyone really found out who I was - including me - then the universe would literally collapse on itself.

Seriously. Not just another teen-angst romance. This was deadly serious.

Deadly for everyone, including me. And somehow, he seemed to actually care...


First day of school for that second year of torture.

And since we had roughly the same last name, we were assigned seats in order and wound up in the back of the room by each other.

And that meant we had to collaborate on class projects. Chemistry. Another yawning class to endure. Until what? Until the day was over. Then we had homework and then we went to sleep and then woke up and started over.

A gigantic baby-sitting service to raise their kids to get jobs like they did. And have kids. And let them get raised like us, like our parents were.

"Some gigantic conspiracy." That guy sitting in the next row over mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Just a way to keep us all amused until we get our scrap of paper saying we did wrote our dots and dashes just so and can go out and now be carbon copies of what they want us to be, good little boys and girls." Clearer this time. A full run-on sentence.

"Kinda grumpy today?" I said.

"Maybe. But thanks for noticing." He replied.

"I'm Harriet - but please call me Hari." Introductions were best cut short.

"Sal - short for Salamon." To the point, but with a smile. "Nice to meet someone else who was saddled strangely right out of the gate."

I had to smile at this. The guy was colorful. I tended to be reticent, quiet.

"So what do you think of this lab work we're assigned?" Maybe curious, maybe polite small talk.

"Sucks. As usual. Teacher does the lecture, makes us do something so we can parrot the answer back. It's called 'learning.' Could be worse, I imagine." Now I started to warm to the subject.

"Yea, well. You're probably right, could be worse." He slid down into his seat so his shoulders were on the backrest and elbows on the laminated top. "Stuff gives me nightmares as it is."

"Nightmares?" I turned to him. This struck a chord.

"Sure - am I in the right class, do I have the right books, am I dressed like I'm supposed to. What about that cutie in the front row - is she going to ask my something and I won't know what to say? And then I wake up and see that I still have hours to go before I'm supposed to get up and show up at the circus again." He frowned at remembering.

"Yeah, I know about that. Except the cutie in the front row. She's an air head. Don't worry about her asking you anything. She's into getting top grades." I frowned on my own.

"Just another trap to catch you." He gave a wry grin out of the corner of his mouth, half turned toward me.

"Lots of traps here. But I'm beginning to figure them all out. They might have a pattern." I turned more toward him to see his response...

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 C: Galactic Cyborg Heat Series. Book 13

C: Galactic Cyborg Heat Series. Book 13

by Jessie Rose Case on 2018-09-30
A Happily Ever After Novel. Book 13. Galactic Cyborg Heat Series.

NOTE TO READERS: If you love the work of Anna Hackett and Eve Langlais you will love this. This is a sci fi romance filled with hot explicit sex, strong dominant men and sexy females who know how to hold their own. It’s gritty, confrontational and stream will be Coming out of your ears. If you’re looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it. Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with Americanism’s and slang from both languages.


He came back to life with a jerk, knowing his systems were compromised. His eye lids blinking as they received data. His systems uploaded. Diagnostic checks ran. His optics lit up with reports and errors crossing it. Malfunctions. Insufficient data input. Time logs ........ deactivated. Memory ........ shutdown. Emotions ....... deactivated. Pain receptors ...... turned off. Physical integrity ......... limited. Severe processor damage. Power ......... low. Instinctively he opened his eyes, looking around him. He needed an upload and fast.

He was a mess.

Do you hear us C model? ........ Filtered into his brain.

His optics cleared. Two Cyborgs stood over his crate. Systems check .......... communications. Audio only. "I hear you," he told them verbally. His voice gravelly, no report to show him how long it had been. He could hear them over his neuro net but not communicate via it.

"You are damaged," they told him. "You are found Cyborg. We will fix you. You are safe here. Welcome to the Empire."

From nowhere, impulses flooded his system. A tightness crossed his chest. Another malfunction, he wondered swallowing. Closing his eyes for a moment, he checked his systems. He felt lighter, stronger, better.

Had he survived .......... to live?


Elenor looked across the landing area seeing her mother, the Doctor of this community, give a piece of her mind to her mate who indulgently let her. Elenor shook her head and smiled. Her mother looked ten years younger and had more life in her, than Elenor had seen for years and still, her mother struggled to accept that the universe had given her a second man to love.

He might look younger by a couple of generations but in fact, he was older by some years. Cyborgs. They reached their optimum or programmed age and kept it a very long time.

Watching her mothers Cyborg mate, try to make her life easier. An unexpected yearning flooded her. Did she want that too? She didn’t think so. Even though they had a reputation for being deliciously male and sexual gods? She looked at her mother, they came with a price, she reminded herself. She’d lost too much already.

The noise of the off-worlder grabbed her attention. Cyborg Rotation Day. She stepped forward with her data pad listing all the new settlers that were making a life on her world. As the ramp lowered, she checked her pad. 154 Women and children were arriving to start new lives. Their previous world decimated. Elenor didn’t understand how people could act like that.

Cyborgs moved all around her as she checked people off. It was amazing what you could get used too, she mused. They were just everywhere now and ….. so darn big! Clearing the last one, she turned her data pad off and watched them go to medical. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

Elenor slowly turned spotting the Cyborg staring at her from the ramp. Images of the viking gods of Old Earth, flooded her mind.

Holy shit. Her body heated, her mouth suddenly very dry. Frowning she turned away quickly and strode off.

That was way too much temptation....


He'd been watching the female for some time since spotting her. She had a quiet confidence. Her scent lingering in the air around him drawing him in. And when she'd turned
 Tracker (Outcasts Book 3)

Tracker (Outcasts Book 3)

by Cyndi Friberg on 2018-09-30
Xorran, a famed tracker, is sent to find two human females kidnapped by the Outcasts' enemy. His search seems futile until he encounters Sara and a feisty battle cat cub. He's fascinated by the tiny animal, but feels an immediate and powerful connection with the wisecracking human. Sara is still angry about being brought to the Outcasts' planet without her permission, yet her stubbornness is no match for "the pull". As they work together to rescue her friend, their passion flares ever hotter. Can Xorran prove to Sara that he wants more than a torrid affair? Now that he's found a potential mate, he will settle for nothing less than forever.

Note to Readers: This book contains detailed descriptions of sizzling passion only suitable for mature readers. Certain plot elements carry on from book to book. Though Tracker can be read as a standalone, it's more fun to read the series in order. Enjoy!
 Tarjen: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Tarjen: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Susan Hayes on 2018-09-30
What do you do when your planet runs out of women? Send for takeout, of course.

Tarjen never expected to go to Earth again. The first time, he was there to protect Crown Prince Joran as he claimed his mate and returned her to Pyros. This time, Tarjen is on his way to claim a mate of his own.

He’s studied human courtship behaviour, memorized his match’s file from the Star-Crossed Dating database, and prepared himself for the moment he’ll meet his mate. He’s planned everything perfectly so that nothing can go wrong. Not like the last time they were here…

This book contains a single mother who doesn’t believe in happy endings and a royal bodyguard who does everything by the book – until the universe blows up the book, his plans, and part of a city block.
 The Cyborg

The Cyborg's Secret Baby (In The Stars)

by Cynthia Sax on 2018-09-30
A fierce cyborg warrior and his curvy human female share a no-longer-so-little secret.

Stealth, a K Model cyborg, knows his passion for Zebrina, the commander’s human daughter, is forbidden, yet he can’t resist the curvy female. He craves her touch, cherishes her sounds of pleasure, would do anything to keep her safe.

When he’s faced with the choice of protecting his fragile human or living to see the next sunrise, he chooses her, always her, sending Zebrina halfway across the universe to safety. He doesn’t realize their stolen moments had consequences neither of them believed possible.

After hearing her warrior died in battle, Zebrina focuses on the last gift he gave her. Doing what is right for their child is her sole priority. She will put their son’s happiness first, even if that means choosing another male over the love of her life.

The Cyborg’s Secret Baby is a STAND-ALONE story loosely connected to the Cyborg Sizzle series.
It is also a Second Chance Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, often-violent universe.
 Guarding His Melody (Enhanced World Book 4)

Guarding His Melody (Enhanced World Book 4)

by Victoria Sue on 2018-09-30

A Story from the Enhanced Universe

Deaf since childhood, Sebastian Armitage had a promising musical future until his dreams were shattered when he transformed at twelve years old. In a world where enhanced humans are terrorized and imprisoned, his life shrinks around him even more as he suffers the torment of his father’s experimental research to enable him to hear.

Gray Darling—struggling with the scars left by his experience in Afghanistan—agrees to provide short-term personal protection when anonymous threats escalate into assault on those closest to Seb.

As the lines between protection and attraction blur, Gray and Seb can’t ignore the intense feelings drawing them together. But secrets and betrayals might prove deadly, unless Gray is willing to risk it all. And Seb must find the strength to make his own future and sing his own song….

 Shunned (A Krinar World Novelette) (Girls on the Run Book 3)

Shunned (A Krinar World Novelette) (Girls on the Run Book 3)

by Francesca Baez on 2018-09-30
I'm on the run, fleeing the religious compound I've lived on for as long as I can remember. I saw my one chance for escape and took it, but our elders won't easily let me run away from our duties to the alien invaders we worship as gods.

How can I trust anyone, even the gods who claim to be on my side?
 A ponte do destino (Portuguese Edition)

A ponte do destino (Portuguese Edition)

by A.R. Fernandez on 2018-09-30
O homem que achava que conquistou o amor da Fiorella.
A mulher perde o apetite pelo sexo e torna o destino nebuloso.

O Médico Carlos Antonelli tem como hobby principal a adoração pela conquista da bela Fiorella. Viveu por cinco anos em Assunção, onde foi professor universitário, além de exercer outras atividades. O amor cresceu e ele a convida para morar no Brasil. Seu objetivo era um longo caminhar juntos, após o naufrágio de outros relacionamentos.
Uma ponte deve ser projetada para salvar este amor, talvez o maior e único amor pleno e verdadeiro deste médico. No fundo, um lado misterioso e oculto acontece em relação ao sexo diferenciado. O culpado oficial é um vírus que impacta fortemente na relação.
Cristine, médica, carioca da gema. Bela e envolvente, dona de olhos verdes claro acinzentados. O Dr. Carlos fica encantado e envolvido, justamente, na pior crise provocada pela doença incontestável que atingiu a vida sexual da antiga namorada. As ironias da vida sem sexo, os leva a uma espécie de traição, salvação ou tentativa de renascimeto.
O amor sincero de Cristine poderia levar a curar o desespero e o stress deste médico que entra em uma leve depressão por falta de sexo. Parece que o destino cruel persegue este homem desde Assunção com tragédias e mortes de namoradas.
O quinto livro do autor envolvendo amor, desejo, traição, ação, vírus, suicídio, robô, avatares, clones, seitas e extraterrestres, narra a frieza da vida de um homem com desejo de perpetuar ao máximo a vida sexual. O amor maduro de uma engenheira cibernética o traz de volta ao mundo real. Seu nome, Alana. Infelizmente, começa a gostar de Nexsa 9, um robô mulher, o Eva 2026.
 Uncontrollable (Beyond Human)

Uncontrollable (Beyond Human)

by Nina Croft on 2018-09-30

Quinn Sutherland, second in command of the Tribe, a group of powerful telepaths, has always been certain of who and what he is—one of the good guys. All he wants is to keep his friends safe—no easy feat when everyone in the world is after them. While on a rescue mission, he meets a mysterious FBI agent, who appears to know a lot about them, and seems to want the same thing he does. But her assignment could literally mean the death of him…

When Melody Lyons is inducted into the Federation’s elite Bureau of Time Management, it’s the pinnacle of her ambitions. Only when she’s sent back to the twenty-first century to eliminate a group of rogue time travelers, she never guesses she’ll fall for a man who died two thousand years ago… Quinn awakens emotions she hadn’t known existed, and for the first time, her loyalties are tested.

Books in the Beyond Human series:

 The Man Inside Me: An MM Gothic Romance

The Man Inside Me: An MM Gothic Romance

by Sean Kerr on 2018-09-30
You may never be too old to find love, but will you be able to survive it?

At what age is the hope of love lost? Can a love that has slipped into friendship be re-kindled?

These thoughts lay heavy in Gabriel’s soul, for while he finds the spark of love still burns inside his middle-aged heart, he cannot tell Henry. When they were young at Oxford University, their love burned hot and bright, and they thought to change the world together until a devastating tragedy ripped them apart.

Youth. It slips away in the blink of an eye, and Henry can no longer stand to see his own reflection in the mirror, for all he sees is a sad, tired old man whose body has betrayed him. He craves the touch of another, to feel attractive and vital once more, but his obsession with his work has stolen his life from him, and now it has taken on a sinister dimension.

Determined to continue with his work regardless of the consequences, Henry invites his friends over for a dinner party, but one of his guests is missing, and the evening is shattered by the revelation of a brutal murder.

To what lengths would you go to find love? How far would you go to see your youth renewed? These are the dilemmas facing Gabriel and Henry as their friendship is tested to its very limits, for their lives are shattered by a vicious killer. Is there still the chance for love, or has age stolen that from them too? Can they move beyond the friendship that has spanned over thirty years and find the love that once made their hearts beat as one?

L'enlèvement d'Abby: Les Seigneurs Dragons de Valdier Tome 1

by S.E. Smith on 2018-10-01
Le début d’une saga épique ! Découvrez de nouveaux mondes, des confrontations de cultures, les rouages du pouvoir, la vengeance, des sauvetages, et par-dessus tout, de l’espoir…

Abby Tanner est satisfaite de vivre dans sa montagne, créant des œuvres d'art et appréciant la paix et la tranquillité jusqu’à ce qu'un étrange vaisseau spatial doré vienne s'y écraser, portant avec lui le Roi de Valdier, grièvement blessé.

Zoran Reykill savait qu'il devait trouver un endroit sûr pour guérir après sa fuite du poste militaire de Curizan. Lorsque son vaisseau mère symbiotique l'emmène sur une planète inconnue, il y trouve bien plus que ce à quoi il s'attendait ; son âme sœur. Le seul problème c'est qu'Abby ne comprend pas un mot de ce qu'il raconte et que le shérif local la veut, lui aussi.

Auteur de renommée internationale, S.E. Smith propose une nouvelle histoire d’action pleine d’aventure et de romance. Débordant de l’humour qui la caractérise, de paysages éclatants et de personnages attachants, il est certain que ce livre deviendra un nouveau favori des fans !

Contenu principal : 199 (6x9) pages, 63 416 mots
 Ezekiel (Cypress Hill Book 1)

Ezekiel (Cypress Hill Book 1)

by Charles Scott on 2018-10-01
Cypress Hill Series Book #1 Ezekiel

Take a journey into this story of love, lust, and betrayal. Experience the characters reactions to Ezekiel’s choices as they stimulate radical consequences for them all. Beware, for your emotions may run high, and at times you may find yourself lost for words while exploring the mindscape of Ezekiel. Consider now if you were Ezekiel, would you have made the choices he makes? Perhaps if you had the power like he to correct past mistakes, you would certainly try? Yes, I’m sure you would, however, do you truly believe you would be able to identify what mistakes need to be changed? Well, in this epic tale of life or death, myth or fact, Ezekiel faces his life’s choices and their consequences head-on. So, come now and embark with us on an eventful journey, to the other side.
 Aliens, Smith and Jones (The Primrose Files)

Aliens, Smith and Jones (The Primrose Files)

by Blaine D. Arden on 2018-10-01

“It’s not all about serving coffee and typing reports.”

Working for a secret organisation specialising in alien cover-ups, Connor Smith is no stranger to the abnormal or dangerous. His love life on the other hand… not so exciting. Until he reluctantly agrees to a blind date and meets the perfect bloke, Jason.

Things are finally falling into place for Connor, so of course that’s when he attracts an alien stalker.

Noah Jones, ex-alien, has been stranded on Earth and forced to live as a human since 1648. Alone and detached from the world around him, Noah has spent centuries observing and recording humankind. In all that time, he’s only experienced a connection with a human once… until he finds Connor.

Even knowing Connor is in a relationship, Noah can’t ignore their potential bond, or stay away.

While dealing with missing alien artefacts, a dangerous and shadowy group of collectors, and the ever-present Noah, Connor finds his orderly life crumbling around him. At least he still has the perfect boyfriend…

When Noah goes missing, Connor is forced to face the feelings growing between them and the mounting evidence that Jason isn’t who he says he is...


wordcount: 73,900 - Novel

Honourable Mention in the Best Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy category of the Rainbow Awards 2012

NOTE: This is the second revised/re-edited edition. It was previously published by Storm Moon Press.


L'enlèvement d'Abby: Les Seigneurs Dragons de Valdier Tome 1 (French Edition)

by S.E. Smith on 2018-10-01
Le début d’une saga épique ! Découvrez de nouveaux mondes, des confrontations de cultures, les rouages du pouvoir, la vengeance, des sauvetages, et par-dessus tout, de l’espoir…

Abby Tanner est satisfaite de vivre dans sa montagne, créant des œuvres d'art et appréciant la paix et la tranquillité jusqu’à ce qu'un étrange vaisseau spatial doré vienne s'y écraser, portant avec lui le Roi de Valdier, grièvement blessé.

Zoran Reykill savait qu'il devait trouver un endroit sûr pour guérir après sa fuite du poste militaire de Curizan. Lorsque son vaisseau mère symbiotique l'emmène sur une planète inconnue, il y trouve bien plus que ce à quoi il s'attendait ; son âme sœur. Le seul problème c'est qu'Abby ne comprend pas un mot de ce qu'il raconte et que le shérif local la veut, lui aussi.

Auteur de renommée internationale, S.E. Smith propose une nouvelle histoire d’action pleine d’aventure et de romance. Débordant de l’humour qui la caractérise, de paysages éclatants et de personnages attachants, il est certain que ce livre deviendra un nouveau favori des fans !

Contenu principal : 199 (6x9) pages, 63 416 mots
 Torkels Auserwählte (Ein World Beyond-Roman 1) (German Edition)

Torkels Auserwählte (Ein World Beyond-Roman 1) (German Edition)

by Michelle Howard on 2018-10-02
Was würdest du tun, wenn es auf der Erde nicht genug Männer gäbe?
Würdest du es wagen, deine Heimat zu verlassen, um dein Glück zu finden?

Mit diesen Fragen sieht sich Faith „Faye“ Reid konfrontiert. Auf ein Programm, das die Regierung einst ins Leben gerufen hatte, setzt sie nicht nur ihre Hoffnung, sondern auch ihre letzten Ersparnisse. Mit dem Ziel, endlich Liebe zu finden, begibt sie sich auf eine Reise jenseits der Sterne und strandet schließlich auf einem fremden Planeten.

Wie oft kann ein Mann Zurückweisung und Ablehnung ertragen?
Würdest du deine Träume irgendwann aufgeben?

Torkel Alonson hat genug davon, von den Frauen auf seinem Wahlplaneten Enotia ignoriert und übersehen zu werden. Sein Stolz hat in den letzten Jahren einige Tiefschläge hinnehmen müssen. Es bleibt ihm nichts anderes übrig, als sich mit der schmerzlichen Wahrheit abzufinden: Obwohl er dem Militär auf ehrenvolle Weise dient, werden sich Frauen niemals für einen Mann mit seiner verwerflichen Herkunft entscheiden. Trotz aller Zweifel nimmt er ein letztes Mal an einer heiligen Zeremonie teil und hofft, endlich seine Auserwählte zu finden.

Wird das Schicksal einen Mann und eine Frau auf der Suche nach Liebe zusammenbringen?
 Unbearable Fear: Bears of Aria

Unbearable Fear: Bears of Aria

by ML Guida on 2018-10-02
Walfea hides on Earth to forget the horrors of his past. He was a security bear for the Intrepid, but now doubts his abilities. The last thing he thought would happen is meeting his mate–a spirited girl with a terrible secret.

Skye Carr is on the run from a stalker. A friend lets her stay in a cabin the mountains that has a mysterious caretaker. Skye soon discovers he’s not a man, but a shifter. She thinks she’s safe, but she isn’t.

With betrayal and doubt on all sides, Walfea and Skye have to work together to escape their enemy. Can Skye trust a space bear with her life and her heart? And with the Intrepid out of range, will Walfea believe in himself to protect the woman he loves or is he doomed to make the same haunting mistakes?

 Jolt Somber (Cyborg Awakenings Book 2)

Jolt Somber (Cyborg Awakenings Book 2)

by Christine Myers on 2018-10-02
Jolt Somber was the name the cyborg picked for himself. He was created to be a killer and his creators reinforced his killer instinct by flooding him with feel-good endorphins. For eighty years he fought the Mesaarkans at Vyken Dark’s side. He and four genetic cyborg brothers returned to Earth to help restore civilization after the war had ended.

Jolt is supervising demolition in the ruins of Farringay to build a new starport. The war left Earth in ruins with cities ruled by overlords with gangs of thugs as enforcers. Violence against women is rampant.
When Jolt finds his one genetic female mate used and left for dead by gangers, the pleasure he takes in avenging her could have unexpected repercussions.

After what males had done to her, would she ever accept Jolt as her mate?
 The Weregames - Complete Series: Paranormal Boxed Set

The Weregames - Complete Series: Paranormal Boxed Set

by Jade White on 2018-10-02
All THREE books from the bestselling “WEREGAMES” series together for the first time ever!

Bestselling author Jade White presents this unmissable opportunity to own the complete WEREGAMES series in one limited edition digitally boxed set. That is all the books from the series for one low price!

In a dystopian future , one where werebeings lived openly alongside humans, life was tense.

Humans and werebeings did not get along and handsome werebear Ryker Locklear found himself thrust into the middle of, what was known as, the “Weregames”.

If Ryker were to win he would also win his freedom. Lose and he would face the next 60 years in captivity.

It was survival of the fittest in its most brutal form.

But it was during the weregames that Ryker met the beautiful Alexia and very soon he realized that he was not just fighting to win for his freedom.

He was fighting to win her heart too...
 Skyjacked (Dual Abduction Saga Book 2)

Skyjacked (Dual Abduction Saga Book 2)

by N.S. Johnson on 2018-10-02
Unsure of herself after a failed marriage, Beulah believes winning back her ex is the only key to happiness. But her world is literally turned upside down when she’s abducted by two sexy alien brothers.
Twins Yehfe and Pakua were born to share a mate. Yehfe longs to be a father and a husband and believes Beulah was meant to be theirs. Pakua wants nothing to do with a true mate and keeps his distance from the females aboard their ship. Beulah and Yehfe forge a tentative friendship, while Pakua struggles with the attraction he feels for this woman.
When Pakua is mortally wounded, only a woman’s healing energy can save him. Beulah can’t let him suffer, but after the first touch, no one is prepared to let go of the bond that takes hold of all three of them. Can Beulah let go of the past to embrace not one, but two men? Will love take hold before their ship returns to Earth to hand Beulah back to her ex?

If you like science fiction and steamy romance with a healthy dose of spiritual enlightenment, then you’ll love this fast-paced, intergalactic adventure full of hope, love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Buy N.S. Johnson’s Skyjacked today and find yourself swept up in an enlightening tale of alien abduction.
 Worlds Collide (Warriors of Risnar)

Worlds Collide (Warriors of Risnar)

by Tracy St. John on 2018-10-02
Engineer Velia Farrah always wanted to see an alien up close. Now that she’s assigned to study the top secret portal linking Earth to other worlds, she’ll get her chance. But when a fierce, gold-skinned alien from Risnar leaps from the portal and whisks her back to his home planet, “up close” takes on a whole new meaning.

Believing Earthlings had killed his fellow warriors, Jape Bolep is determined to destroy Earth’s access to Risnar once and for all. Grabbing a curvy handful of a human wasn’t part of the plan, but he has no intention of letting her distract him from his need for vengeance—no matter how much he aches to make her his.

Both are ready to do battle over right and wrong and good and evil, and their combustible relationship burns hotter than the sun’s surface. But distrust and treachery from all sides leave Velia and Jape in a fight against their own people to keep each other alive—and to ultimately save both Earth and Risnar from total destruction.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

This book is approximately90,000 words

Carina Press acknowledges the editorial services of Alissa Davis
 A Treason of Truths

A Treason of Truths

by Ada Harper on 2018-10-02
She turned her back on her people and shifted her allegiance to the very Empire she was sent to betray

Now head spymaster, Lyre’s loyalty lies with Sabine, the Empress she has loved since childhood. But when Sabine visits the secretive Cloud Vault, the floating citadel home that Lyre betrayed, Lyre’s elaborate web of lies starts to untangle. Her very presence threatens Sabine’s future, and Lyre will do whatever it takes to protect her lover…even if that means sacrificing herself.

Empress Sabine Corvus has lived a life of service, pushing aside her own desires for the greater good. With the Empire teetering on the brink of war with the traitorous Syndicate, she cannot afford to show weakness. Although Lyre’s spymaster skills are her greatest weapon, their bond is Sabine’s Achilles’ heel. Regardless of the price, she will not give Lyre up.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

This book is approximately 83,000 words

Carina Press acknowledges the editorial services of Deborah Nemeth
 Almas de agua y fuego (Spanish Edition)

Almas de agua y fuego (Spanish Edition)

by Karen Delorbe on 2018-10-02

Una novela llena de acción, aventura y amor de mano de Karen Delorbe, autora de la trilogía «Dhampyr».

Cuando ganar la propia libertad depende de renunciar al amor, solo existe una única alternativa.

Soy Noah Rayne, un criminal condenado, capaz de hacer lo que sea para salvarme. A punto de ser ejecutado, un trato me libra de morir. Ansío mi libertad, por eso no me importan las consecuencias. Tengo una misión: hallar el laboratorio secreto de mi padre y el experimento que lo llevó a ser asesinado. Mi deber es entregar a las autoridades lo que allí encuentre, cuanto antes.

Cumplir el trato debería ser sencillo, pero no cuento con que podría cometer un peligroso error: enamorarme de quien no debo.

 Last Lover: Duan & Enora (German Edition)

Last Lover: Duan & Enora (German Edition)

by C.J. Kincade on 2018-10-02
Last Lover - Duan & Enora

Die Umweltverschmutzung, der Raubbau an der Natur, die Nutzung fossiler Brennstoffe, die weltumfassende Entwaldung sowie die Anreicherung der Erdatmosphäre mit Treibhausgasen haben den Klimawandel beschleunigt. Die natürlichen Ressourcen sind aufgebraucht. Die Böden verseucht und das Wasser ungenießbar. Politik und Wirtschaft haben versagt.
Umweltkatastrophen und Krankheiten raffen die letzten Menschen dahin. Die Erde steht kurz vor der Zerstörung.

In dieser vergänglichen Welt lebt Enora mit ihren fünf Adoptivkindern in der kargen Waldregion im Norden Norwegens. Sie versteckt sich weitab jeder Zivilisation in der Einsamkeit und muss doch mitansehen, dass die menschliche Zerstörungswut auch das Idyll ihres Lebensmittelpunktes erreicht hat.
Sie kann nicht weggehen, um anderswo anzufangen. Es gibt keinen Ort für sie.
Und um ihren Kindern ein sicheres Leben zu ermöglichen, sind die Tage mit Arbeit in der freiwilligen Isolation gefüllt. Doch sie liebt ihre Kinder über alles und würde sich kein anderes Leben wünschen.
Dennoch, die Sehnsucht nach jemand an ihrer Seite, mit dem sie die Freude und das Leid ihres noch jungen Lebens teilen kann, ist groß.
Als ein verdreckter, erschöpfter und schwer verletzter Mann in ihr kleines Refugium eindringt, sieht Enora es als ihre christliche Pflicht an, dem Fremden zu helfen. Mit aller Macht versucht sie, den ausgemergelten Mann zu retten. Sie pflegt ihn mit Hingabe und Freundlichkeit und erkennt schließlich, dass ihre Gefühle für ihn stärker sind als einfache Nächstenliebe.

Endlich hat er es geschafft und ist der Gefangenschaft von New Horizon entkommen. Aber er erinnert sich nicht mehr, wer er vor der Gefangenschaft war. Die vielen Drogen, die ständigen Misshandlungen und die jahrzehntelangen Schmerzen haben sein Gedächtnis blockiert.
Er flieht ohne Ziel, doch schon bald folgt er einem inneren Drang immer weiter in den Norden. Nichts hält ihn auf, bis er kraftlos und vollkommen erschöpft in einem Wald zusammenbricht. Er ist von seiner Gefangenschaft und der Flucht schwer gezeichnet.
Ein rettender Engel befreit ihn aus seinen Qualen und schenkt ihm mehr, als er sich jemals erhofft hat.
Bis die Vergangenheit ihn einholt.

Last Lover - die neue Alien-Serie
Romantische Liebesromane über starke, selbstbewusste Frauen, die sich nicht alles von ihren maskulinen, verführerischen Alien-Kriegern gefallen lassen.


by Amber Rhodes on 2018-10-03
I feel something slam into me, knocking the breath from my lungs. Only it is not the car that hits me; it is a person. He takes the brunt of the fall, rolling under me so that my face does not go into the street, but the force of the impact knocks me out of his arms and I am skidding across the asphalt into the grass. The car speeds past, flying down the road and then disappearing on a turn. I wait in agony until my lungs finally work, and then I roll onto my back and gasp for air.

"Are you okay?" Liam's voice is frantic as he crawls toward me. He cups my face in his hands and checks my body for injuries. This time I know I am not imagining things. There are dark wings coming out of his back. I sputter fragmented sentences a few times before I can get the words out.

"What are you?"
 The Immortal

The Immortal's Ghost (Phoenix Institute Book 3)

by CORRINA LAWSON on 2018-10-04
The Queen is dying. Her only hope is a prince lost to history and a woman who can walk through walls…

Richard Genet abandoned the Immortal Court decades ago but his Queen’s illness forces him back into service.

Marian Doyle, an antiquities dealer, craves to escape her secret life as a thief but is trapped by her obligation to the family ‘business.’

When Richard offers to cut Marian free of her obligations if she joins him on a dangerous, desperate quest to locate a cure for the Queen, Marian seizes her chance for escape.

As their journey takes them across Europe, Marian is unexpectedly drawn to this loner prince who seems to adore her independent spirit.

But even if they find the cure, they’ll have to confront betrayal at the heart of the Court in order to save each other and their Queen.

Note: This is a revised and updated edition of a book originally tilted Ghost Phoenix.
 Blade (Dark Monster Fantasy Book 3)

Blade (Dark Monster Fantasy Book 3)

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-10-04
When irresistible force meets irresistible girl more than sparks will fly – fur, spiky bits, and possibly tentacles.

Ledderik is a slightly homicidal cyborg and is ready to lose himself in a virtual world for the rest of his tomorrows, until he saves Thorn from death and gets sucked into the wake of her cataclysmic siren attraction.
Maybe life can be fun?
Besides, she has such a cute … tail.

One small problem, Led no longer owns his body.

Thorn has also lost everything in one day. Cross out being a starship captain or her own species, or having friends. Instead she’s been cursed with being a hurricane force sexual magnet.

She has questions.
Why is she a biohazard on most reputable planets and how can she avoid triggering an extinction event and killing every male nearby? The two of them cross the galaxy, with Led swapping from loaner body to loaner body.

He’s the one male who can resist her, and he’s upskilling.
Up against the wall? Upside down? With tentacles and DD drilling power? Led is good at what he does. Always.

Meet the hot ex-cyborg who no longer looks in the mirror, in case his latest loaner body is ugly. He has one priority – make sure the downstairs department is BIG.

Warning. This story may contain robots, cyborgs, dark naughtiness, and species that come equipped with extra wriggly bits.
 The Horn: Books One - Three

The Horn: Books One - Three

by J. Kathleen Cheney on 2018-10-04
Whoever controls the Fortresses can reshape the world...

The underground Fortresses of Larossa hold ancient secrets, and only the Oathbreakers know their true potential. Now the Cince Empire has sent an agent to Larossa to find one of those Fortresses, one that's long abandoned, and apparently unprotected. But the Horn Family haven't forgotten that lonely Fortress, and seize the foreign agent--Dalyan--before he can get inside.

But now the Horn have to decide what to do to him, because Dalyan is not what he seems, and his very existence rasies questions that will change their lives, their country, and their world. And they must decide whether to try to raise the abandoned Fortress of Salonen... or kill it forever.
 Akashim: Der Farmer (German Edition)

Akashim: Der Farmer (German Edition)

by G.H. Chambers on 2018-10-06
Die Bücher der Akashim-Reihe können unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden.

Donna, ein weiblicher Akashim, ist seit drei Monaten für die Bewachung des Anwesens ihrer Besitzer verantwortlich. Ein Akashim ist ein künstlich gezüchtetes humanoides Lebewesen, das sich neben außergewöhnlichen körperlichen Fähigkeiten durch unbedingte Loyalität und Gehorsam auszeichnet.
Als Donna krampfartige Anfälle erleidet und durch merkwürdiges Verhalten auffällig wird, beschließen ihre Besitzer, sie abholen und entsorgen zu lassen. Doch Donna will nicht ausgelöscht werden. Sie flieht und lernt erstmals die Freiheit mit ihren Möglichkeiten und Gefahren kennen, bis sie schließlich auf einer Farm Unterschlupf findet.
Dort wird sie mit Gefühlen konfrontiert, von denen Donna bislang nicht wusste, dass es sie gibt.
Doch sie ahnt, dass ihr die Verfolger wohl schon auf der Spur sind.

Vorbestell- und Einführungspreis 0,99 statt 2,99.
 Darak: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Darak: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Cara Bristol on 2018-10-06
Revenge is best served sweet with a hot, horned alien

Free-spirited pastry chef Lexi Sutterman has discovered that true love is pie in the sky. The only thing more difficult than finding an Earth man willing to commit is pleasing her wealthy, hypercritical family who view her as a failure. So she’s given up on both, focusing her energy on her new bakery. Now that her uber successful little sister manages to nab a well-heeled fiancé, Lexi fights back by joining the Intergalactic Dating Agency. She plans to bring a huge, purple, tentacled alien as her plus-one to the wedding.

Darak of planet Dakon isn't purple or tentacled—he’s just seven feet of horned alien hotness. To get a woman on his world, a guy has to literally win the lottery. Tired of waiting for the Fates to send him a female, he joins the dating service to meet a nice Earth girl to call his own. He recognizes Lexi as his true mate, but realizes convincing her they’re meant to be together forever and not just a weekend will be no cake walk.

But when a sweet-tart pastry chef and a horned alien hottie fall in love, everyone might get their just desserts…

* * * *
Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides is a new science fiction romance series and a spin-off from the Alien Mate series. In the Alien Mate books, Earth women travel to planet Dakon to become the mail order brides of aliens. In this new series, the Dakonians come to Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency to find their human mates.
 Blue (Alien Breed 19) (German Edition)

Blue (Alien Breed 19) (German Edition)

by Melody Adams on 2018-10-06
Blue befindet sich auf dem Heimflug von der Erde nach Eden, als sie plötzlich von einer Sekunde auf die andere aus dem Shuttle auf das Raumschiff von Sklavenhändlern transportiert wird. Nicht nur, dass sich Blue inmitten von teuflisch aussehenden Aliens wiederfindet, sie muss auch noch feststellen, dass sie es zwar in einem Stück von einem Schiff zum anderen geschafft hat, ihre Kleidung jedoch nicht.

Razor ist ein Outlaw. Als Anführer einer Horde von Sklavenhändlern hat er keine Gewissensbisse, Frauen zu entführen und meistbietend zu verkaufen. Die Frau mit den seltsamen blauen Haaren wird einen hohen Preis ergattern, da ist er sich sicher. Doch so aufmüpfig wie sie ist, kann er sie keiner Kundschaft anbieten. Er beschließt, die Frau mit dem Namen Blue, erst einmal zu brechen. Doch so einfach wie er sich das vorgestellt hat, ist es leider nicht und es stellt sich die Frage, wer den dickeren Schädel hat. Razor oder Blue? Zu allem Überfluss wird ihm der Gedanke, ein anderer Mann könne Blue anfassen, mehr und mehr zuwider. Wird er die aufsteigenden Gefühle unterdrücken und Blue wie geplant auf der Auktion verkaufen?
 The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station (Repelling the Invasion Book 1)

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station (Repelling the Invasion Book 1)

by Edward Hoornaert on 2018-10-06
Three Strangers Thrown Together Against an Enemy Invasion

The space pirates think they’ve conquered Farflung Space Station--but they didn't count on Duke. The station’s Head of Security wants to prove to his army-officer parents he’s outgrown his youthful rebelliousness. Defeating a pirate army seems like the perfect opportunity.

And they didn't count on Lockey. This kick-ass princess knows every weapon and martial arts system in the galaxy--and she fell in love with Duke at first sight. It’s not only her job to destroy the pirates, it’s her bloodthirstiest wish.

And most importantly, they didn't count on Sandrina. After loving Duke from afar, she now yearns to fight with—and for—him. The attractive waif has discovered so many of Farflung’s secrets that she’s the most powerful person on the station—though nobody knows it yet.

They’re about to find out.
 Planet Talzor Needs Brides (Shalhinari Space Chronicles)

Planet Talzor Needs Brides (Shalhinari Space Chronicles)

by Eva Gordon on 2018-10-06
Mitzi leads a quiet life as a professional matchmaker. Her cozy life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the matchmaker for an alien species searching for wives. Naturally, she refuses. Unfortunately, she’s having a hard time saying no to the dashingly handsome but domineering alien warrior. Although, he makes her heart flutter, it’s a good thing he’s not her type.

Jax, captain of the Talzor starship, is ordered to hire a shalhinari, a spiritual matchmaker, to find soul mates for six of his men. He locates the best shalhinari on Earth; yet, Mitzi Selig the earthbound woman tries his patience. To his distress, he is drawn to her beauty, questioning his judgment. Worse, his long suppressed empathy gene awakens, a trait not seemly for a warrior.

The magnetic pull between Captain Jax and Mitzi is astronomical. Yet, can a tormented warrior and a woman who refuses to leave Earth find love? A long light-year distance relationship is one thing, but looming danger could curtail any chance for their star-crossed passion.

 Slave Dance (Alien Blood Wars series Book 3)

Slave Dance (Alien Blood Wars series Book 3)

by Samantha Cayto on 2018-10-06


Book three in the Alien Blood Wars series

What lurks in the dark is not always a monster. Sometimes it’s your deepest desire.

Quiet and steadfast, Emil has remade himself from botanist to chef. Taking care of people is what he does best. He hates having to fight the war with Dracul, but his loyalty to his captain forces him to do no less. Unlike others of his species, he has formed no intimate bonds and has no intention of doing so. That way lies sadness. He takes his pleasure from feeding those he loves, content with his destiny. That is until he runs into an abused boy who needs more than a good meal.

All turning eighteen means to Jase is that now the man who he is forced to call Master can abuse him publicly. A victim of sex trafficking, Jase only knows one way of life-brutal submission to whichever man claims him. When his Master joins Club Lux, it’s more of the same until he finds himself in the hands of its strange chef.

Circumstances force Emil into a new and frightening role and Jase into the arms of a scary and unfathomable Master. Emil is worse than any man—or so Jase thinks, when Emil’s alien nature comes out. Jase wants to be a good slave and Emil frets about saving Jase from himself. While they try to find their way, a vicious crew member begins to terrorize Boston. Now Emil fights on two fronts—the scariest being that he will fail Jase.

 Stranded (A Krinar World Novelette) (Girls on the Run Book 4)

Stranded (A Krinar World Novelette) (Girls on the Run Book 4)

by Francesca Baez on 2018-10-06
I'm on the run, wounded and marooned on a foreign planet. My ship crashed into a dark forest, my communications centers are damaged beyond repair, and I can't let the wary locals discover my true identity.

How can I trust anyone, especially the stranger who seems to suspect I'm more than human?

Note: This short story of approximately 8,500 words is part of the Girls on the Run series. These stories can be read in any order, or as standalones.
 Six Jours Pour Vivre l

Six Jours Pour Vivre l'Eternité: Les voleurs de temps (French Edition)

by Alice LEVENEUR on 2018-10-06
Il ne reste que six jours, six petits jours à Charline pour vivre. Pour aimer.
 Burton: Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #14 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Burton: Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #14 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Tasha Black on 2018-10-08

She’s hunting a gang of bee rustlers. But her sexy alien companion is on the hunt for her heart.

Tansy Martin’s dream is simple - to live out her life running the family farm in the sweet small town of Stargazer. But lately something sexy has been slipping into her dreams at night, and the tall dark and handsome fugitive alien seems determined to make his way into her daytimes too.

Burton is hypnotized by tall, tough, tantalizing Tansy. His only desire is to serve her in the fields by day and in her bed by night. But his exquisite intended is determined to focus on the farm no matter how he tries to tempt her into becoming his mate.

When bee rustlers threaten Tansy’s one chance to save the orchard, their madcap adventure begins. Tansy will need Burton’s help to hold onto the family farm. But will she be able to hold onto her heart?

About the Stargazer Alien Brides series (Intergalactic Dating Agency):

Educated about humankind by the 1980s movies that came to them in an interstellar time capsule, these gorgeous gentlemen are eager to meet Earth girls...

Collection 1 focuses on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum.
Collection 2 follows the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana.
Collection 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye.
Collection 4 features Kirk, Buck and Solo as they try to connect with their chosen mates at a comic convention.
Collection 5 comes back to Stargazer, and a small farm where love is in bloom for Drago, Burton and Riggs.
 Hooked: SciFi Romance Fairy Tale Retelling (Future Fairytales)

Hooked: SciFi Romance Fairy Tale Retelling (Future Fairytales)

by Aurelia Skye on 2018-10-09
If you think you know the story of "Peter Pan," think again.
Wendy Darling is a disgruntled employee at Lost Boys Clubhouse on planet Neverland and technically involved with Peter Pan, but he's too busy for her and always flirting with Tink. He's also totally immature and refuses to grow up, so that's why she's leaving him. The arrival of James Hook, in search of something Pan stole from him, derails her plans to return to New London when he kidnaps her and takes her aboard the Jolly Roger. As they set off on an adventure that spans the galaxy while evading Admiral Croc, who's on James’s tail, Wendy soon realizes she doesn't need a boy when she can have a man.
 Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte 4: Das Mädchen, das sich zu erheben wagte (German Edition)

Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte 4: Das Mädchen, das sich zu erheben wagte (German Edition)

by Bella Forrest on 2018-10-09

Die Hürden werden immer höher für Liana Castell ... und sie muss alles geben, um sich über sie zu erheben. 

Kehre im fesselnden vierten Buch der Reihe Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte, in den Turm zurück, wenn Liana vor der bislang größten Herausforderung steht:

Ambrose zu ersetzen oder bei dem Versuch zu sterben.

Jetzt bestellen.

*Achte auf Spoiler in den untenstehenden Rezensionen, die nicht mit einer Spoilerwarnung versehen sind.*

 Drekkor (Filhos do Acordo Livro 6) (Portuguese Edition)

Drekkor (Filhos do Acordo Livro 6) (Portuguese Edition)

by Thais Lopes on 2018-10-09
Preço especial de pré-venda.

Trabalhar em uma nave de piratas transformados em mercenários parecia uma ótima ideia para Talita. Além de viajar de graça por todo o Acordo, os mercenários estavam dispostos a lhe ensinar tudo o que precisava para nunca mais ser presa e levada como mercadoria. E, para completar, ela estaria ajudando a resgatar outras terráqueas. Perfeito.

Até que os mercenários cortam todo o contato externo, se afastando da força tarefa para a qual teoricamente trabalham. E Drekkor, o capitão da nave, deu ordens para afastar Talita por completo de qualquer dado importante, mesmo ela sendo parte ativa da tripulação. Mas não importa que Talita esteja vendo Drek e os aliens que se tornaram seus amigos se arriscando cada vez mais por algo que ela não entende. Algumas coisas estão fora do seu controle - e do controle de Drek, também.

Quando as abduções começaram, havia um motivo. Talita pode não concordar com ele, mas entende por que tomaram aquela decisão. E, agora, tudo o que foi construído nesse tempo - o futuro de duas espécies - pode estar nas mãos dela e do capitão pirata de quem ela não consegue se afastar.
 Christmas in Dreamland: Dreamland Book 1: A Reverse Harem Novella

Christmas in Dreamland: Dreamland Book 1: A Reverse Harem Novella

by Cheryl Dragon on 2018-10-10
Dreamland Book 1

Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top-secret project deep within a military research base. Being stuck on a project over the holidays sucks, but when three hot members of security make her the center of their attentions, she knows there’s more to their story than they’re revealing. Are these sexy military studs men in black or aliens? Either way, they’re out of this world!
 Granola Bars and Spaceships

Granola Bars and Spaceships

by Geneva Vand on 2018-10-10
In the middle of a training trip, Keeska's shuttle navigation fails and strands Keeska on Earth—alone, no way to contact home, and with no chance of help from the locals...until one does.

When Eric starts leaving food in front of an abandoned storefront in the crappy strip mall by his house, he thought he was helping a dog or a homeless kid. He gets the shock of his life when he discovers an alien instead. Not sure what else to do, especially with the alien bleeding and in shock, Eric realizes he's about to have an unusual houseguest.

But as Keeska's health improves, they both forget that Keeska should probably be finding a way home. As they grow increasingly close, they are forced to figure out the answers to questions they never thought would have to be asked...
 Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3

Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3

by S.E. Smith on 2018-10-10
Pets in Space is back! Join us as we unveil eleven original, never-before-published action-filled romances that will heat your blood and warm your heart! New York Times, USA Today and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, Anna Hackett, Ruby Lionsdrake, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Carol Van Natta, Tiffany Roberts, Alexis Glynn Latner, E D Walker, JC Hay, and Kyndra Hatch combine their love for Science Fiction Romance and pets to bring readers sexy, action-packed romances while helping our favorite charity. Proud supporters of, Pets in Space authors have donated over $4,400 in the past two years to help place specially trained dogs with veterans. Open your hearts and grab your limited release copy of Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 today!

Sarafin Warriors Series
By S.E. Smith
Can love bridge the gap between a wounded alien warrior and the reclusive human woman who holds the future of his species inside her?

Galactic Gladiators Series
By Anna Hackett
Among the desert sands of an alien world, a man with secrets to hide finds himself face to face with the one woman who can bring him to his knees.

Mandrake Company Series
By Ruby Lionsdrake
Alien fur balls, a handsome doctor, and a little white lie create havoc for a young woman who only wanted a job.
The Sectors SF Romance Series
By Veronica Scott
A long-lost princess and her three-eyed cat seek refuge on the Nebula Zephyr only to catch the attention of an inquisitive Security Officer.

Project Enterprise Series
By Pauline Baird Jones
A not quite routine mission to return rescued prisoners to their home worlds turns deadly for unlikely allies, a USMC Sergeant and a raised-by-robots pirate. Is the Sergeant’s unusual pet the wild card that will save or doom them?

A Central Galactic Concordance Novella
by Carol Van Natta
A disgraced military Sub-Captain, a repair technician with secrets, and two special cats must save the day when trouble erupts at an important factory.

The Kraken #3
By Tiffany Roberts
Nearly broke by betrayal, a human discovers solace—and a chance for love—among the creatures he once hunted, but he must overcome prejudice and inhibition to claim the female he desires.

By Alexis Glynn Latner
A lonely interstellar pilot and a passenger’s mistreated consort find each other in an interstellar hotel that offers everything to satisfy its guests’ desires—even desires they didn’t know they had.

By E D Walker
Two ex-lovers, stranded in space, have to save a pair of kittens with hazardous powers before the local drug cartel catches up to them.

By JC Hay
On a world of perpetual night, an aging ranger and a widowed veterinarian need to put aside their past to protect a pack of wolves... and their future.

By Kyndra Hatch
The Invaders took everything worth living for. Could an Invader show him how to live again?
 The Delphi Revolution (The Delphi Trilogy Book 3)

The Delphi Revolution (The Delphi Trilogy Book 3)

by Rysa Walker on 2018-10-10

A psychotic killer hijacked her mind and her body. She’s taking them back.

Eighteen-year-old Anna Morgan is on the run from the very government project that created her abilities. Now they seek to weaponize the gift she doesn’t want and can’t control: the invasion of her mind and her body by spirits, some of whom have their own unusual powers. Her latest “hitcher” is a former top Delphi executive. Unlike Anna’s previous guests, this one has taken over, and he’s on a personal mission of revenge.

The target is Senator Ronald Cregg, a corrupt, power-hungry presidential candidate. One of Delphi’s creators, he’s now manipulating the public into believing “psychic terrorists” are a scourge to be eliminated. There’s only one way to stop him, but Anna draws the line at murder.

Pulled into a dark conspiracy, Anna struggles to reclaim her body, mind, and soul as she and the other Delphi psychics join together to fight for their right to exist.

 Zero Hour: A Post-Apocalyptic MM Romance

Zero Hour: A Post-Apocalyptic MM Romance

by Jordan Castillo Price on 2018-10-10
In a world where life is disposable, two men fight to escape oppression and find the truth…together.

Ernest just turned thirty. It’s time for retirement, freedom from the tedious drudgery of his job as a data clerk. Time to emerge from his pod and explore parts of the city he’s never seen before—to meet some actual people.

And at the end of the month? Time to die. 

Will, on the other hand, has met all kinds of people in his sales career. He runs the counter at the historic coffee shop, and when he talks, he sounds just like an old-time data feed. He’s striking, charismatic, and intriguingly risqué.

According to Will, it’s possible to live much longer than the Deacons have always claimed. Ernest wants to believe the heretical notion, but what if it’s all a big scam? He might be old enough to qualify for the senior discount, but being around Will leaves him feeling painfully naive…plus a few more intense emotions that are entirely new.

Religion, medicine, government—every authority insists thirty is the end of the line, but now the seed of doubt has been planted. Can Ernest summon his inner strength and go against everything he’s been taught? He longs to flee the city with Will—but without the Deacons and their Reclaim machine, death will leave his soul trapped in a decaying body for eternity.

Zero Hour is a full length standalone novel. If you’re a fan of dystopian, post-apocalyptic MM romance, don’t miss this nail-biting tale of adventure, romance, perseverance and self-discovery.

This second edition was previously published in 2011 and contains minor text revisions.
 Queen of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (the Draga Court Series Book 5)

Queen of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (the Draga Court Series Book 5)

by Emma Dean on 2018-10-10
Book 5 of the Draga Court series.
 Leopold (Saga of the Bold People Book 1)

Leopold (Saga of the Bold People Book 1)

by M.D Grimm on 2018-10-10
How does a human survive in an alien dominated InterGalactic Community? By becoming an assassin, of course.

At least, that’s what Leopold thought when he became an assassin for the elite. Pretending to be an alien known as Voidstriker, Leopold feeds his appetite for vengeance, killing aliens as well as taking their money. It's a win-win to his mind. That is, until a bounty is placed upon his head.

With his true identity now revealed to the IG Community, Leopold knows it's only a matter of time before the powerful family members of his victims come for blood. Far worse is the fact that the one who put the bounty on his head, is the one he most fears.

A routine job three cycles ago brought him face-to-face with Mastrodai, a prince of the powerful Mrrog Nation. Not only did Leopold—accidentally—destroy part of Mastrodai’s moon, but one glimpse of the mighty alien had him feeling desire for the first time in his life. He ran, and like predator after prey, Mastrodai never stopped hunting him.

Leopold is convinced that Mastrodai wants bloody revenge. But when he finally confronts the mrrog, he is stunned to realize Mastrodai wants something very different. Something surprisingly intimate—the one thing that scares Leopold more than torture.
 Girls on the Run (A Krinar World Bundle)

Girls on the Run (A Krinar World Bundle)

by Francesca Baez on 2018-10-12
All four novelettes of the Girls on the Run series, in one discounted bundle! Save 25% with this box set.


I'm on the run, wounded and marooned on a foreign planet. My ship crashed into a dark forest, my communications centers are damaged beyond repair, and I can't let the wary locals discover my true identity.

How can I trust anyone, especially the stranger who seems to suspect I'm more than human?


I'm on the run, lost in a jungle unlike anything I've ever seen before. I was brought here by a cruel captor, who effortlessly snatched me from my old life, and kept me prisoner in a strange home with magic objects I don't understand.

How can I trust anyone, even the beautiful creature who swears to keep me safe?


I'm on the run, hiding in the darkest corners of the city I know like the back of my hand. I was caught selling alien technology on the black market, have been accused of being part of the Resistance, and now there's a warrant on my head.

How can I trust anyone, especially the K smuggler who might have already betrayed me?


I'm on the run, fleeing the religious compound I've lived on for as long as I can remember. I saw my one chance for escape and took it, but our elders won't easily let me run away from our duties to the alien invaders we worship as gods.

How can I trust anyone, even the gods who claim to be on my side?
 Burning Space (The Edinön Trilogy Book 3)

Burning Space (The Edinön Trilogy Book 3)

by Mitzi C on 2018-10-13

**WARNING: spoilers ahead if you have not read LIQUID DEATH and DAWNING LIFE**

spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers



Kandi failed to protect Earth, Juan, and her true name. Now she serves under the control of TIME, who wishes to manipulate all mortals into serving him, thereby granting him the power to conquer worlds without end.

Juan is a Hero in some circles and a traitor in others. For over a decade he has been a slave on an alien world, and he has lost any drop of hope he had left after the demolition of Earth. It is not until the announcement of a new Monarch who shall reunite the last Six Worlds that a spark of hope returns within him. When LEISIL, the new goddess of Appetite, chooses him as her Mate, the spark is once again snuffed from existence, and it is all he can do to simply survive day to day.

The galaxy is in peril, and only Kandi and Juan together can save it. Unfortunately, every immortal being is working tirelessly to pull them farther apart. It is only a matter of time before DARKNESS, an entity which grows parallel to the willful depravity of souls, consumes the very source of light in the cosmos.

Will Kandi be able to break the bonds of Time and save all mortal souls? And will Juan be able to muster hope in an ever-darkening world?

Warrior's Plight (Cadi Warriors Book 6)

by Stephanie West on 2018-10-13
Vintor crossed the universe to save the human race, except things didn't go quite as planned. He awoke to find himself imprisoned in a human stronghold, fighting against the drugs they used to subdue him. That’s where he found her, his enemy and his only salvation.

Working for a secret branch of the government had taken its toll on Maya, but there was no way out, not if she wanted to hold back Armageddon and protect everyone she loved. The beast of a red man from an unknown race who showed up on her operating table only highlighted what she’d fought to repress—she couldn’t spend another day in this living hell.

When her own people served her up like a sacrificial lamb, Maya squeezed her eyes shut and waited for death’s release as the demonic alien pinned her to the wall. She never expected to find redemption in the arms of a captive alien or a love so strong she was willing to take on the world to free them both. Getting lost in the embrace of her warrior was a wonderful plight.

Warrior’s Plight picks up shortly after Vintor and Ashtoret land on Earth and runs concurrent to Warrior’s Purpose, Cadi Warriors 5.

Caution – This story features a scene where Vintor, while drugged out of his mind, mates Maya. It may be a trigger for some readers.
 So This Is the End: A Love Story

So This Is the End: A Love Story

by Alexandra Franzen on 2018-10-15

What happens when you find your soulmate, but you only have one day to live?

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You and Jill Santopolo’s The Light We Lost, comes a powerful romance

What if doctors could revive you from death—and give you an extra 24 hours of life?

One more day. One more chance to tell your family how much you love them. One more chance to say goodbye to friends, listen to your favorite song, throw an epic party, feel the grass beneath your feet, or watch the sunset. How would you spend your time?

So This Is The End follows Nora Hamilton as she navigates her final 24 hours. She’s determined to do something meaningful and make every moment count.

Enter: Renzo. Ren, for short. Strong, compassionate, unfairly attractive, with a face that makes Nora’s stomach explode into stars. Their connection is immediate, with white-hot intensity. Nora is wracked with bittersweet joy and confusion as she realizes, “I’ve finally met the love of my life… on the last day of my life.”

Should she tell Ren the truth about her condition—tell him she doesn’t have much time left? How will he react? Is it unethical to allow yourself to fall in love with someone when there’s no possibility of a future together? Or is love a precious gift, no matter how long it lasts, even if it’s just for one day?

What happens next is a story about taking chances, making your own rules, and the power of living like there’s no tomorrow.

A moving romantic drama: Early readers call So This Is The End "a breath of fresh air," "moving and beautiful," "an amazing wake-up call," a book you'll be "unable to put down," with a story that makes you "fall in love the instant you start reading."

 An Uncontrollable Passion (Outer Worlds Passion Series Book 1)

An Uncontrollable Passion (Outer Worlds Passion Series Book 1)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-10-16
He looked past his genetically engineered bride and became obsessed with her battle-scarred bodyguard.

Militia cadet Sydney Aubrey’s life is turned upside down when she receives new orders. An attraction to a man after a chance encounter threatens her new assignment. Haunted by her past, Sydney fights not to have history repeat itself.

Clay Wilson worked hard to build his outer world operation and travels to Earth to collect his contracted bride. He questions his decision to marry to enhance his status when a totally unacceptable woman invades his life and stirs his body.

Travel to the 30th Century in this sexy, gritty science fiction romance.

When Earth runs out of natural resources, mankind heads to the stars. In the outer worlds and Frontier, there are no laws and women are a commodity.
 Resistant: A Novel

Resistant: A Novel

by Rachael Sparks on 2018-10-16
In the final battle with drug-resistant bacteria, one woman's blood holds a secret weapon.
Rory and her father have survived the antibiotic crisis that has killed millions, including Rory’s mother—but ingenuity and perseverance aren’t their only advantages. When a stoic and scarred young military veteran enters their quiet life, Rory is drawn to him against her better judgment . . . until he exposes the secrets her mother and father kept from her, including the fact that her own blood may hold the cure the world needs, and she is the target of groups fighting to reach it first.
When the government comes after Rory, aiming to use her for a cure it can sell to the highest bidder, she’s forced to flee with her father and their new protector. But can she find the new path of human evolution before the government finds her?
 Suppressed (Sins of Our Ancestors Book 2)

Suppressed (Sins of Our Ancestors Book 2)

by Bridget E. Baker on 2018-10-16

A blood-borne virus requires a blood-born cure, but can Ruby survive saving everyone else?

The last few weeks sent Ruby Behl's world into even more of a tailspin than when the Tercera virus first broke out. Her boyfriend might be dead, her best friend isn’t dead, and the man she knew as her father may have kidnapped her at birth. Worse, the virus suppressant suddenly stopped working, accelerating the deaths of thousands. Finding a cure just went from important to critical.

Unfortunately, an essential piece of the puzzle fell into the hands of David Solomon, a zealous cult leader planning to massacre the remaining Marked—unless Ruby gives him what he wants: her blood, possibly all of it. Ruby must decide. Should she stay and help the Marked who rescued her or gamble on saving the entire world? As she grapples with the meaning of family and the value of a legacy, Ruby must decide who to trust—and who’s worth saving in the first place.

Other books in the Sins of Our Ancestors Trilogy:

Marked – out now!

Redeemed– coming November 15!

 Torel: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Torel: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Susan Hayes on 2018-10-16
What do you do when your planet runs out of women? Send for takeout, of course.

Torel is the best medical officer in the Pyrosian fleet, but being the best comes with a cost. When the queen personally orders him to apply to Star-Crossed Dating, he’s relieved when there’s no match for him among the human females of Earth. He doesn’t have time for those kinds of distractions.

Mated or not, he’s on his way to Earth to help the newly mated females adjust to the life awaiting them on Pyros. All he has to do is keep them healthy and happy during the voyage home. It should be the easiest assignment of his career.

This book contains a widow determined to never fall in love again, and a doctor who is about to discover that when it comes to the heart, he’s still got a lot to learn..
 The Witch

The Witch's Enchanted Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe story

by Fiona Roarke on 2018-10-16
Paranormal private investigator and witch Ruby Hart needs a man—specifically, a man with a unique tattoo. Finding him for her anonymous client will put her fledgling business in the supernatural haven town of Nocturne Falls, Georgia in the black for months.

Maximilian Cornelius Vandervere the Fourth was a privileged and respected member of one of Alpha-Prime’s most elite families before the Incident made him a social pariah. An uncomplicated life as Max Vander in the secret alien colony on Earth is the perfect solution.
The double whammy of a love spell and a truth spell is definitely a complication he doesn’t need.

Ruby can’t help but notice the tall, gorgeous blond alien. It’s hard to ignore a man who keeps declaring his love and proposing marriage to a woman he’s just met. And it’s clear he needs help.

Sweet, sexy Max is a puzzle she can’t resist.
 A Mate to Sacrifice (The Hunters Book 2)

A Mate to Sacrifice (The Hunters Book 2)

by Laylah Roberts on 2018-10-16
A mistake she deeply regrets…
Growing up the daughter of a gang member, Peyton didn’t exactly have a life filled with cupcakes, family holidays and daddy-daughter dances.
Not unless you counted a trip to the prison to visit your daddy a family holiday.
So what does she do? She stupidly accepts a proposal from the first man offering an escape.
He was supposed to be her savior.
He turned into her nightmare.

A female of their dreams…
On the hunt for a murderer, no one is more surprised than Caden and Sangel when they come across a fragile, tiny, human female — with a backbone of steel and a mouth like razorblades.
Taking Lauren with them is a bad idea.
Keeping her is even worse.
And when she has to make the greatest sacrifice of them all, will they deeply regret having met her at all?
 Hope 3-7: Zeit des Wandels  (German Edition)

Hope 3-7: Zeit des Wandels (German Edition)

by Jo Hallberg on 2018-10-18

Hope 3-7

Was würde mir das Ding in meinem Kopf heute Nacht rauben: eine Erinnerung, ein Gefühl oder mein Leben?

Nordamerika in der nahen Zukunft. Wirtschaftskonzerne haben die politische Macht in den USA übernommen und suchen fieberhaft nach einem Neubeginn für eine ausgewählte Elite: eine Erde 2.0.

Die Ärzte geben der fünfzehnjährigen Dawn nur noch wenige Monate, bis ihr Hirntumor sie umbringen wird. Alleine macht sie sich auf den Weg nach New York, um mit zwölf anderen Jugendlichen an einer Studie eines neuartigen Medikaments teilzunehmen – ihrer letzten Chance auf Heilung.
Visionen und Blackouts, die Dawn heimsuchen, erklärt sie sich zunächst als Nebenwirkungen ihrer Therapie. Erst als Menschen, die ihr nahestehen, sterben oder spurlos verschwinden, beginnt sie daran zu zweifeln, dass die Studie nur zur Erforschung eines neuen Medikaments dient. Als sich eine Gelegenheit ergibt, dringt sie in die Labore ein, um herauszufinden, welche Ziele der Konzern tatsächlich mit dem Experiment verfolgt.
Was sie entdeckt, stellt sie vor die Entscheidung, ihr eigenes Überleben gegen das ihrer Freunde und ihre erste Liebe aufzuwiegen.
 Guarded: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 2)

Guarded: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 2)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-10-19

Everyone’s always telling her to watch her mouth. Now she’ll have to watch his, too.

Sexy, smartass York lives for the thrill of anything new and exciting. Now, if she’s not careful, she might die for it, too. York knew her assignment on Hethdiss meant a whole new group of aliens and being a call-girl is never the safest of jobs.

But sexy, mysterious Azan is like no one she’s ever met. His heated gaze follows her wherever she goes, and she suspects the mask he wears hides more than his mouth—it protects his heart. York’s determined to learn the infuriating alien’s secrets. As a translator for the prince, Azan can speak over thirty languages. But his own native tongue is poison—literally. He knows better than to get too attached to the gorgeous human woman he’s hired. No one who sees what’s under his mask will ever want him as a mate.

He can’t send York away, no matter how often he tries, even though all he wants to do is protect her. But she’s about to name her poison…and it’s Azan, whether he likes it or not.

Guarded, the hot new book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it can be read as a standalone, is free of any cheating, and includes a HEA. Get your copy today!

 Tyre - A Space Opera Colonization Adventure (Aeon 14: Building New Canaan Book 2)

Tyre - A Space Opera Colonization Adventure (Aeon 14: Building New Canaan Book 2)

by M. D. Cooper on 2018-10-23
Erin's next mission takes her further insystem in New Canaan, to the word of Tyre.
 Riggs: Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #15 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Riggs: Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #15 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Tasha Black on 2018-10-25

This by-the-numbers accountant is way out of her comfort zone. It’s up to one sexy alien to prove that she can count on him.

Sage Martin is on temporary leave from her accounting firm to help her sister run the family farm. Trading in spreadsheets for a peach orchard isn’t easy for sensible Sage. On the other hand, her love for her little sister Tansy makes it all worthwhile. But when Tansy and their new friend Arden fall for a pair of hunky fugitive aliens, their idyllic farm life starts to feel like a cheesy romantic comedy. And now there’s one more hot alien looking at Sage like she’s the last ripe peach on the tree.

Riggs has loved Sage since the moment he saw her. He admires her long chestnut hair and the stern expression that hides a heart of gold. Determined to give her all the time she needs to accept him, Riggs is torn between the ecstasy of being near his intended mate and the agony of unsatisfied desire.

When vandals strike the farm, threatening to ruin the tourist season and expose the aliens, Riggs and Sage must work together to solve the mystery and stop the villains who want to sabotage the peach orchard. But even if Riggs can foil the evildoers, will he be able to sweep his stalwart mate off her feet?

About the Stargazer Alien Brides series (Intergalactic Dating Agency):

Educated about humankind by the 1980s movies that came to them in an interstellar time capsule, these gorgeous gentlemen are eager to meet Earth girls...

Collection 1 focuses on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum.
Collection 2 follows the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana.
Collection 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye.
Collection 4 features Kirk, Buck and Solo as they try to connect with their chosen mates at a comic convention.
Collection 5 comes back to Stargazer, and a small farm where love is in bloom for Drago, Burton and Riggs.
 The Lazurai Returns (Short Fiction Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy)

The Lazurai Returns (Short Fiction Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy)

by C. C. Brower on 2018-10-26
She was different - and could be mankind's savior, or it's worst enemy.

The third generation born after a freak accident, her kind were shunned by humanity. Because they meant walking death. Until one human showed her compassion. Then her gifts came to view.

Her parents and their parents only knew death, could only give death. But they only wanted to be understood.

Rochelle was searching.

For the one thing that could save all of mankind from itself.

To find it, she would have to live among them as one of them, in disguise.

As she still could wipe out an entire city through her touch. If she wanted to. But she didn't know what she was supposed to want.

So she came here, to surround herself with strangers. Some her natural enemies, but maybe some friends. It was up to them, for she didn't really care whether they lived or died. But she knew she needed to find out "something" and only in these massive crowds was where she could her answer.

And what she looked for might even be her own cure...


I had just one day.

Her trail went to ‘Cagga and she’s probably here already.

One day to find her and - do what, exactly? I didn’t know. Couldn’t be killed. Only long stretches in isolation seemed to have any effect. One day of isolation, even if I had her in my hands now - that’s just a joke.

More like the plan had to be getting a positive ID on her and then re-group with some more resources. But by then she could have moved on.

Sticking my hands in my pockets, I found my meds bottle. It rattled with the few doses I had left. A mental note to see if their free clinics would help a visiting law enforcement type. Maybe, maybe not.

Next to the wanted posters were some floor-to-ceiling bulletproof glass, tinted with reflection on the outside.

I was watching the two-bit hustlers operating right in front of what passed for police in this town.

One redhead caught my eye. Kinda strawberry blond in a faded jeans jacket - too large with rolled up sleeves. The three-card hustlers I could figure out. But she looked like she was handing out money to the little kids. Dimes and quarters.

They’d come up as a rag-tagged bunch, and bring her rocks. She’d put close her hand over their rock and then make a pass - the rock would be gone from her open hand. But then would close her palm and make another pass - and then hand them a coin. All depended on how big a rock they gave her. But I didn’t see any half-dollars go anywhere.

Probably smart. The littlest kids would get rolled for it, and the big kids didn’t deserve it.

Funny how only the smallest could approach her. Adults and teens kept a distance from her, making funny faces if they got too close. I could see how the coins for rocks gimmick could be slight-of-hand, but the perimeter trick was something that simply didn’t make sense. Still, it kept her safe. Giving out money was something only politicians could do with any safety - and then never from the street, never in person.

At last, the mob of kids got their quarters or dimes and moved along. As well as the people who couldn’t get into her perimeter.

Now she stood alone on the sidewalk, a light rain falling. Alone in a crowd of people,

But then she turned toward my glass. From her side she couldn’t see me, but the way she was looking, she seemed to know I was standing there looking at her, looking at me.

That's her, I thought.

As I moved toward the door, some sidewalk people moved in between us. And by the time I was through their security and outside, she had vanished...

- - - -

Scroll Up and Get Your Copy Now.
 The Trouble on Highway One (The Traiteur Trilogy Book 2)

The Trouble on Highway One (The Traiteur Trilogy Book 2)

by Anne McClane on 2018-10-30
Things are looking up for recent widow Lacey Becnel. A short-term job assignment on California’s beautiful Central Coast, and a new love interest fill her days after a tumultuous summer. But as she discovers more about the mysterious traiteur power bestowed upon her, she will learn that she is not the only one with potent, supernatural abilities.
 Dark Soul (From the Stars Book 2)

Dark Soul (From the Stars Book 2)

by G. Bailey on 2018-10-30
If your soul is born into darkness, can light save you?

While trying to get used to the new world Ura has found herself thrown into, protecting those she cares about seems impossible. With the threat of losing her mother, Ura has no choice but to do as she is told, and hope that Maxx will help her.

The clans are at war, and it is said only the True Light can stop it before it destroys another planet...and nothing will be left.
The prophecy is awakening...and only one soul can stop it.

 A Court of Fire and Metal : a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (War of the Gods  Book 2)

A Court of Fire and Metal : a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (War of the Gods Book 2)

by Meg Xuemei X on 2018-10-31
The four mighty, smoking-hot warriors had wanted to use Cass Saélihn as the weapon to kill the Olympian gods, but they fell for her instead. Now all they want is to protect her. So they hide Cass in the magically glamoured Academy, the only safe place for earthlings.

But Cass won’t cower or run from danger. She sets her own rules and stands her ground, no matter how her blood heats for her alpha mates. She’s determined to take the fight to the gods, not as a weapon but a leader.

Yet an all-powerful, beautiful, cruel god is already among them, much closer than she and her four mates can image. He covets Cass and her power more than anything, and when the god strikes, he leaves nothing to chance.

Warning: This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy/paranormal romance that features one hell of strong woman and her four powerful supernatural mates. It contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, raw language, magic, swordfights, Greek gods, dark fae, vampires, shifters, and a lot of assholes.
 Accidental Goddess

Accidental Goddess

by Avery Rae on 2018-10-31
Five gorgeous aliens are suddenly calling me their goddess. I don't know how to break it to them, but they've got the wrong woman, and it's probably going to kill us all.

My escape pod crashed on their planet. I didn't get the memo but apparently my arrival was foretold in some prophecy. So, yeah, they worship me now. Awkward, right?

My five new disciples range from ruthless to brilliant, and from standoffish to unbelievably sweet. Each rules over their own faction and they've been locked in a cold war. Unfortunately, I've arrived just as things are starting to heat up.

According to this mysterious prophecy, I'm the one who's supposed to make them get along. If I don't, they're going to kill each other and I'll be caught in the middle.

Which means they expect some human nerd wearing nothing but her bunny slippers and underwear to create world peace. This isn't going to end well, is it?

Accidental Goddess is a full-length standalone Science Fiction Reverse Harem novel with a high heat level and heavy doses of strife, sweetness, and laughs to balance it out.
 Radek: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Radek: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Susan Hayes on 2018-10-31
What do you do when your friend’s planet runs out of women? Join them for takeout, of course.

Radek is a prince with a problem. He wants to see the galaxy, but an ancient law forbids any member of the Romaki Dragon Clans from ever leaving their planet. So, what’s a Romaki Snow dragon to do? Defy the law, hop a ride with a friend, and head for the far side of the galaxy, that’s what.

As the Pyrosians prepare to claim their mates, all Radek has to do is sit back, enjoy the party, and keep one little promise – no shifting into a dragon while he’s visiting Earth. What could be simpler?

This book contains a sassy chef whose dreams just went up in flames, and a runaway prince who thought he was escaping his destiny…until she dropped right into his claws.
 The Bones Beneath My Skin

The Bones Beneath My Skin

by TJ Klune on 2018-10-31
In the spring of 1995, Nate Cartwright has lost everything: his parents are dead, his older brother wants nothing to do with him, and he's been fired from his job as a journalist in Washington DC. With nothing left to lose, he returns to his family's summer cabin outside the small mountain town of Roseland, Oregon to try and find some sense of direction.

The cabin should be empty.

It's not.

Inside is a man named Alex. And with him is an extraordinary little girl who calls herself Artemis Darth Vader.

Artemis, who isn't exactly as she appears.

Soon it becomes clear that Nate must make a choice: let himself drown in the memories of his past, or fight for a future he never thought possible.

Because the girl is special. And forces are descending upon them who want nothing more than to control her.
 Aton: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Aton: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Cara Bristol on 2018-10-31
For an alien and a human girl, all’s fair in love and courtship…

Attorney Toni Sutterman is on the fast-track, her success all but an open-and-shut case when she realizes she lacks what’s really important: true love. With marriage-minded men in short supply on planet Earth, she joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency hoping to find a good match with an extraterrestrial. When her alien mate finally arrives, he proves beyond all doubt to be the man of her dreams: tall, sexy, romantic, and totally devoted to her. So what if there’s a bit of gray area about how he actually got here?

Aton of planet Dakon doesn’t mean to pull a fast one. He has every intent to play by the rules until false accusations get him escorted from the spaceship just before it blasts off. Neither spurious allegations nor the vastness of space will keep him from his mate, so he makes his own way to Earth to claim the female he was promised. As soon as he sees Toni, he recognizes her as his Fated mate. Confident he’s acted in good faith, he focuses on courting her and beginning their life together.

But when a rival discovers the truth and administers some rough justice, will Toni be willing to break the rules and become Aton’s partner in crime to save their future…or will she play by the book?
 Aanraking (De Krinar-kronieken Book 1) (Dutch Edition)

Aanraking (De Krinar-kronieken Book 1) (Dutch Edition)

by Anna Zaires on 2018-10-31
De New York Times-bestsellerauteur van Verwrongen brengt een verslavend, zinderend dark love-verhaal dat zich afspeelt op de aarde ná de invasie

In de nabije toekomst hebben de Krinar het voor het zeggend op aarde. De Krinar komen uit een ander universum, zijn veel verder ontwikkeld dan wij en zijn een mysterie voor ons – en wij zijn aan hen overgeleverd.

De verlegen, onschuldige Mia Stalis leidt een serieus studentenleven in New York City. Net als de meeste mensen heeft zij nooit contact gehad met de Krinar. Maar op een dag in het park komt daar verandering in. Korum laat zijn oog op haar vallen en vanaf dat moment heeft ze te maken met een krachtige, gevaarlijk verleidelijke Krinar die haar wil bezitten en zich daar door niets of niemand van laat weerhouden.

Hoe ver zou jij gaan voor je vrijheid? Hoeveel zou jij opgeven om de mensheid te helpen? Welke keuze zou je maken als je begint te vallen voor je vijand?
 Protecting His Priest: A Sci-Fi Gamer Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Looking For Group Book 2)

Protecting His Priest: A Sci-Fi Gamer Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Looking For Group Book 2)

by Shannon Pemrick on 2018-10-31
Narissa is considered a major pioneer of cybernetics, she lives to help people, allowing her gaming love be a hobby to unwind after a long day.
Outside of work, she keeps herself busy with her favorite addiction—a popular, fully immersive MMO her friend and client Ajax introduced her to. After a disastrous marriage that almost destroyed her, she's good with keeping her life simple. Work, play, no need for love. But the more time she spends with Ajax, the more she wonders if she should give romance a second chance.
Only, the past has a habit of rearing its ugly head.

Ajax's life revolves around gaming, and his passion paved the way to the revolution of virtual reality gameplay. With his looks and money he could have any woman he wants, but he's got a new addiction. Narrisa is sexy, intelligent, and so not interested in a relationship. When he finds out the truth behind her divorce, rage and a primal need to protect her takes over, and he vows no one will hurt Narissa again.
But will his resolution be enough?

PROTECTING HIS PRIEST is book two in the LOOKING FOR GROUP series. While each book is a complete story, the series does have an order of reading the author recommends:

Spellbinding His Ranger
Protecting His Priest
Summoning Their Elementalist (coming 2019)

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